Which of the adhering to is not one of the factors that ca rise wage rigidity in the labor​ market?
Sometimes new technology in production reduces the time that a worker takes to complete a job. Technological innovations have the right to likewise entirely replace a factory worker. Does this suppose that technological progress will lead to​ large-scale unemployment?
No, some sectors may endure unemployment as a result of the creations but all at once performance and incomes will​ boost, causing even more employment methods.

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When wages​ rise, the opportunity cost of not working​ increases, leading human being to look for more job-related hours.
Which of the following is not one of the components that can increase wage rigidity in the labor​ market?
it takes time for applicants to prepare a resume and also line up references.,firms and workers have actually imperfect indevelopment around the state of the economic climate., it takes time to find what work are obtainable in a particular area.
The worker used for a high - paying tasks that he is not qualified for, but has now began using for are sluggish to erected interviews and make decisions.
The worker spent the majority of time writing his resume and also looking for jobs, but the tasks that be is applying for are slow to set up interviews and also make decisions.
The worker is a brand-new college graduate and also cannot discover a task that finest matches his ability, so he is gradually expanding his search efforts.

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The worker passed on many kind of task uses that did not seem exciting enough for him in the hopes of finding the perfect job.

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