Which of the manager"s roles perform modern-day information units support? A.Interpersonal RolesB.Informational RolesC.Decisional Roles D.All of these
Which of the adhering to is not a reason that managers need IT support? A.The number of options is decreasing.B.Decisions need to typically be made under time press.C.Decisions are coming to be more complex.D.Managers significantly need to accessibility remote information sources.E.Decision devices are frequently based in different places.

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Characteristics of an organizational decision support system incorporate which of the following?A.affects numerous business devices or corporate problemsB.cuts throughout organizational functions or hierarchical layersC.requires computer-based technologiesD.integrates through enterprise-wide information systemsE.All of the options are correct.
___ refers to applications and also modern technologies for consolidating, analyzing, and also offering accessibility to vast quantities of data to help users make better service and also strategic decisions.A.Transaction processing systemsB.Functional location information systemsC.Expert systemsD.Geographical information systemsE.Company analytics
___ are computer-based indevelopment devices that incorporate models and information in an attempt to deal with semistructured and also some unstructured problems via extensive user involvement.A.DashboardsB.Functional location information systemsC.Decision support systemsD.Group decision assistance systemsE.Expert systems
Business analytics applications include: A.Microsoft Excel spreadsheetsB.File warehousesC.Special function analytic packagesD.All of these
Searching for useful business indevelopment in a database, information wareresidence, or information mart describes _____.A.structured queriesB.database queriesC.information miningD.query by exampleE.expert mechanism queries
DSS qualities encompass which of the following?A.assistance managers at all business levelsB.assistance all phases of the decision making processC.adaptable to changing conditionsD.commonly make use of quantitative modelsE.all of the above
_____ is the examine of the impact that transforms in one or even more variables of a decision-making version have actually on various other variables.A.What-if analysisB.Statistical analysisC.Sensitivity analysisD.Goal-seeking analysisE.Simulation
Which of the following is not a tool offered in predictive analytics?A.File miningB.Linear regressionC.multiple regression D.sensitivity analysis
Which of the following is not true of predictive analytics?A. Predictive analytics are supplied to detect trends. B.Predictive analytics provide estimates around the likelihood of a future outcome.C.Predictive analytics are based upon probabilities.D.All of the statements are true.

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B. Prescriptive analytics recommfinish one or even more courses of activity and also show the most likely outcome of each decision
Which of the adhering to is true of prescriptive analytics?A.Prescriptive analytics perform not require any prior analytics or evaluation.B.Prescriptive analytics recommend one or more courses of activity and display the most likely outcome of each decision.C.The statistical procedures associated in prescriptive analytics include straight and multiple regression.D.All of the statements are true.
This information system offers information visualization modern technologies to analyze and also display information in the create of digital maps for planning and decision making objectives.A.DashboardB.Transaction handling systemC.Geographical indevelopment systemD.Global placing systemE.Decision support system
Which capcapacity of digital dashboards enables customers to go into better detail?A.Drill downB.Key performance indicatorsC.Status accessD.Trfinish analysisE.Exception reporting
An essential trend is the combination of geographical indevelopment units through _____ to develop geospatial innovations.A.dashboardsB.global placing systemsC.decision support systemsD.expert systemsE.neural networks


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