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1. Planning tasks connected through project scheduling, machine loading, and dispatching commonly falls under
2. Dependence on an exterior source of supply is uncovered in which of the adhering to accumulation planning strategies?
a. In aggregate planning, backorders are a way of manipulating demand also while part-time workers are a means of manipulating product or company supply.
b. A pure chase strategy permits lower inventories when compared to pure level and hybrid tactics.
c. Regardless of the study into mathematical models, aggregate manufacturing planners proceed to use trial and also error techniques once developing their plans.
9. Which of the adhering to aggregate planning methods does not work-related if hiring and layoffs are possible?
12. Which of the following is true regarding forward scheduling? Forward scheduling is the scheduling of
14. The most proper sequencing dominion to use if the goal is to dynamically track the progression of jobs and also establish family member priority on a prevalent basis is
15. A current advance in short term scheduling that makes use of expert units and simulation in fixing dynamic scheduling problems is
17. Factory X is trying to usage level usage scheduling. If their initially target were to reduced the current lot dimension in half, by what propercent need to setup cost change?
b. Gantt charts offer a timeline for each of a project"s tasks, but execute not adequately present the interrelationships of tasks.
c. Project company is a lot of suitable for tasks that are short-term but crucial to the company.
c. On a particular project, tright here can be multiple critical courses, all of which will have precisely the same duration.

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b. Shortening the job by assigning even more resources to one or more of the important tasks is called "task crashing."
d. Crashing shortens the job duration by assigning even more resources to one or more of the critical jobs.

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