Which of the adhering to is not a reason why managers need IT support? The number of options is decreasing. Decisions must typically be made under time push. Decisions are becoming more facility. Tbelow is a flourishing should access remote information sources. Decision makers are regularly based in various locations.

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Which of the following is not a characteristic of a structured decision? It is regime. It is recurring. Human intuition is not associated. The first 3 phases of the decision-making process require not occur in any type of specific sequence Standard solutionsexist.
The form of decision that deserve to be made by complying with a definite procedure is dubbed a(n) ______ decision. structured unstructured unrecorded semistructured procedural
Which of the complying with is not a characteristic of unstructured decisions? They are complicated. They frequently are fuzzy and also unclear. Standard solutions exist. Human being intuition is involved. The first 3 phases of the decision-making process happen in no certain sequence.
Searching for helpful service indevelopment in a database, data wareresidence, or information mart is described as _____. structured queries database queries data mining query by instance experienced mechanism queries
When tbelow is no well-interpreted or agreed-on procedure for making a decision, the decision is sassist to be ____________. unrecorded structured unstructured semistructured documented
Computer assistance is greatest for which of the following problems? semistructured and also strategic planning unstructured and also operational regulate structured and operational manage semistructured and administration manage structured and also administration control
Computer support is leastern for which of the adhering to problems? semistructured and strategic planning unstructured and strategic planning semistructured and management control unstructured and also operational manage structured and strategic planning
_____ attempts to discover the value of the inputs vital to attain a wanted level of output. What-if analysis Qualitative analysis Sensitivity evaluation Goal-seeking analysis Simulation
A(n) _____ offers fast access to timely indevelopment and direct accessibility to administration reports. decision assistance mechanism professional system neural network digital dashboard data warehouse
Expert systems: Are always used to replace decision makers. Are always supplied to support decision makers. Are frequently used to assistance an entire agency. Can be used to assistance or relocation decision equipments.
Which of the adhering to is not a limitation of skilled systems? Expert units cannot work-related with infinish or unspecific data. A process can contain too many rules to job-related as an experienced device. A procedure could be as well vague to job-related as an professional system. Decisions made by skilled systems could be a potential licapacity. Expert devices have to learn from their very own mistakes.

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entirely subjective and also often acquired through physical practicing a ability or activity (ex. Swimming or riding a bike)
understanding that have the right to be quickly gathered, arranged, and transferred with digital implies, such as memorandum or financial report
wbelow users themselves list essential words that codify the information or record at hand also, creates an ad hoc codification system, occasionally referred to as folksonomy
Determine overtime eligibilityRestock inventoryOffer credit to customersDetermine distinct offers to customers
515-A teacher observed that certain students achieve failing graded at the end of each unit test. She decides to monitor their development even more carefully after giving particular test items. At what point have to the teacher conduct assessment procedures?
In some cases, metadata-- the information that defines other data-- is even more vital than the data itself.
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