pretest-posttest design is an experiment in which measurements are handled people both before and after they’re connected in some therapy.

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Pretest-posttest deindicators deserve to be used in both experimental and also quasi-experimental study and also may or might not encompass manage teams. The procedure for each study method is as follows:

Quasi-Experimental Research


1. Administer a pre-test to a team of individuals and also record their scores.

2. Administer some treatment designed to adjust the score of individuals.

3. Administer a post-test to the same group of people and document their scores.

4. Analyze the distinction in between pre-test and also post-test scores.

Example: All students in a certain course take a pre-test. The teacher then provides a certain teaching approach for one week and administers a post-test of equivalent difficulty. She then analyzes the differences between the pre-test and post-test scores to watch if the teaching method had a significant effect on scores.

Experimental Research


1. Randomly assign people to a treatment group or control team.

2. Administer the exact same pre-test to all individuals and also document their scores.

3. Administer some treatment procedure to people in the treatment team and carry out some conventional procedure to people in the manage group.

4. Administer the same post-test to people in both groups.

5. Analyze the distinction in between pre-test and also post-test scores in between the therapy group and also control team.

Example: A teacher splits randomly assigns half of her class to a regulate team and also the various other half to a treatment team. She then supplies a typical teaching approach and a brand-new teaching technique with each group respectively for one week and then administers a post-test of comparable challenge to all students. She then analyzes the differences in between the pre-test and also post-test scores to watch if the teaching strategy had actually a significant result on scores between the two groups.

Potential Issues with Internal Validity

Internal validity refers to the degree in which a examine establishes a reliable cause-and-impact partnership in between a therapy and also an outcome.

In a pretest-posttest architecture experiment, tright here are a number of determinants that could affect interior validity, including:

History – Individuals experience some occasion exterior of the research that affects the measurements before and also after a treatment.Maturity – Biological transforms in participants affect the dimensions prior to and after a treatment.Attrition – An individual leaves the examine prior to a post-measurement have the right to be taken.Regression to the mean – People who score very high or low on some measurement have actually a tendency to score closer to the average following time, despite the treatment they partake in. Selection bias – The individuals in the treatment team and also regulate team are not actually comparable.

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Often random selection and also random assignment of people to groups have the right to minimize these dangers to internal validity, however not in all situations.