In this age of globalization, it has actually come to be commonlocation to watch suppliers breaking geographical obstacles and also trying to capture overseas sectors once they feel much better methods exist in foreign nations. Saturation in the home industry and also ambitions to flourish globally make service providers foray right into international sectors. Tright here are many type of means to exploit foreign industries such as exporting, licensing, joint venture, and also wholly owned subsidiaries. In this post we shall look at licensing and also joint endeavor both of which offer amazing avenues to a firm to derive benefits of big customer sectors in international nations.

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What is Licensing?

This is a clever before means to use the resources and property of the licenwatch in a foreign country and derive financial benefits. In such an agreement, a agency, called a licensor, grants legal rights to usage the name and logo design of the agency, and in some cases technical assistance likewise, to the licenwatch in a international nation. The licensee in rerotate pays a aristocracy for the rights to use the intangible home of the licensor. This plan is very valuable to the licensor as he requirements to make very little bit investment and he deserve to expect a very high ROA. But manufacturing and marketing is left entirely to the licencheck out which indicates that potential revenue from these activities may be lost for the licensor. However before, in contemporary times, it has actually been checked out that the licensor provides licenwatch pay a commission of income from advertisements also. One classic instance of licensing in publishing dwellings is that of the magazine Playboy that grants licenses in foreign nations and also we see at least 10 international editions of the magazine.

What is Joint Venture?

Joint venture is an additional plan that enables a company to foray into international industries. As the name suggests, the company enters into an agreement via a international agency and contributes to raise the equity for the task. Both the suppliers are then equal partners in the endeavor and also likewise assume equal liabilities. Besides cash, regional partner might lug in team of specialists and also his expertise to industry the product whereas the foreign companion might sell its technical understand just how in such a joint venture.

Hence a joint endeavor is all around sharing capital, rewards, liabilities, modern technology etc. These business entities are effective when the purposes of the 2 companies converge as when the local partner has the desire to learn from the working style of the foreign company or when both have a desire to make use of the industry and also derive financial benefits. Joint venture’s success often depends upon entrepreneurial skills of the regional companion and also technological up gradation offered by the international companion.

What is the difference between Joint Venture and also Licensing?

•Licensing is less complicated of the two and also it uses greater rewards through minimum of investment.

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•Joint venture gives ownership and also manage of organization and also likewise mitientrances cultural differences

•One deserve to obtain quicker entry into foreign markets via licensing however it deprives foreign party all the benefits that accrue to the licenwatch with marketing of the product.

•Joint undertaking combines the resources of the two service providers and last longer than a licensing plan as local agency often becomes a competitor in a licensing agreement