You can think of a sales presentation as a simple pitch, a demo, or a list of facts and figures, however a while a good presentation does incorpoprice all of those elements, it’s even more than the sum of its components. Done well, at the appropriate time in your sales procedure, it gets your prospects’ attention, gets them excited and provides them want to move forward via you and your product and also make a buying decision.

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In this overview, you’ll learn how to usage the power of storytelling to drive decision-making and also close more deals—via some pitch examples right from the Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den. We’ll additionally cover the fundamental aspects to incorporate in your sales decks, and also practical concepts on how to supply them, via examples of successful sales presentations. Read on for plenty of sales presentation examples and also pitch suggestions that will certainly aid you build your very own effective sales presentation outline.

Here are the contents of our article:

First, though, what is a sales presentation and also exactly how is it various from a sales pitch?

What is a sales presentation?

Although the terminology differs from agency to company, a sales presentation is not always the exact same thing as a sales pitch.

A sales pitch is what your what your team of sales experts does all day long, on the phone or in perkid through clients. It’s normally one on one, and they’re pretty comfortable doing it.

A sales presentation (although it’s still a sales pitch) is a bigger deal, figuratively and also probably literally. It’s an extra complicated version of a sales pitch, and also normally, it happens as soon as your sales team is trying to close an extra lucrative deal, and it’s not an easy phone call—it regularly entails a meeting and also a demo.

You’ll must budacquire even more time for a presentation, not just for the presentation itself—which can run as lengthy as an hour—yet likewise for prep time and also experimentation. There might be a PowerPoint presentation connected. In many instances, even more than one person from your firm will provide the presentation, so there’s a need to coordinate via a team. You’re most likely presenting to a team as well—commonly, a team of senior decision-equipments.

Even for a seasoned salesperchild who cold calls and also pitches all day on the phone, a presentation can be unnerving.

In this overview, we’ll walk you with what makes an excellent sales presentation and also exactly how you can perfect yours.


Storyinforming and your sales presentation

People love to be told a story, especially if it’s appropriate to them and their difficulties.

Statistics, facts and also figures can help as soon as you’re trying to guide a prospect to end up being a customer, but relevant they are to the prospect’s instance. But if you can frame those statistics in a story about an existing customer who challenged the same difficulties as your prospect, they are more likely to listen and also want to know even more.

Human beings have a deep partnership with storyinforming. Stories move us, teach us and, in a sales context, guide us. We remember stories even more than we remember anything else.

Chip Heath, a Stanford professor and also the co-author of “Made to Stick”, demonstrates the prestige of storyinforming by doing an exercise through his students. He divides them into teams and asks them to supply a one-minute persuasive pitch based on information he’s simply presented them.

Later, after the pitches have been ceded and also there’s been a break, he’ll ask the class to jot dvery own everything they remember about the pitches. Although a lot of students use stats quite than stories, the course remembers the stories better: 63% remember the stories, while just 5% remember an individual data suggest.

The stickiness of stories renders them a useful tool for developing a sales presentation outline, as they aid prospects understand also and also remember the key points of the presentation and also your product.

“Analogies or relatable stories are an extremely powerful method to prevent utilizing inner ‘jargon’ and also allows the customer to understand also the product/organization in the actual world,” explains Thomas Dredge, sales manager at Particular Audience.

“For instance, explaining a display ad across the internet deserve to be likened to a billboard on the side of a building. Sellers regularly confusage clients by utilizing complicated language. They might think this renders them come throughout as even more knowledgeable, but it’s not a good method to market.

“People buy things they understand also. Help them understand!”

This section will describe just how to build your presentation around a story that will acquire your prospect’s attention and encourage them to invest in your solution.

Start via a trouble (and a deadline)

Your presentation is around the solution you’re offering your prospects, but it shouldn’t start through that solution.

Instead, you must start with the difficulty your solution was designed to resolve, and also the difficulties you’re fixing for your customers.

“Value Selling is essential,” states Bradley Davies, service advancement at Cognism. “It is crucial to understand also your buyer and tailor their journey to what you have the right to perform for them.

“First you need to understand also what is motivating them to have a conversation, which allows you to recognize their pains and present how your giving solves their pains. Everything presented to a prospect must be based on the worth for them specifically.”

The difficulty, their pains linked with it and your solution should be yielded via a story; a tale that highlights the specific challenges challenged by your customers.

You can also choose to tell a story that positions your product as the hero, helping the customer vanquish a villain: their pain point.

Your story, which should be tailored to the prospects in the room, have to focus on change fairly than their pain point. For instance, on a adjust to their company, industry, or to the technology they use—somepoint that results and boosts the method they perform business.

“If an element of your supplying is not pertinent, then do not distract them from the vital functions. It will certainly store them engaged and also help to build their user story,” adds Bradley

Create a sense of urgency around your product: It’s a solution to their trouble, yet if they don’t act now, they can miss out on an opportunity. Tell a story about what might happen if your prospect doesn’t change, framing the consequences for not taking activity.

Start talking around the solution

You’ve outlined the problem, and also, if you’re doing your task, your audience is nodding along. Now it’s time to start talking around the solution.

But that doesn’t mean you must launch right into the functions and also benefits of your product simply yet.

Rather than presenting your product, the finest sales presentations draw a picture of what life might look like for a customer once they begin doing points in a different way (AKA, with your product.) How will their business or stays change for the better? How will certainly their people change? Importantly, how will certainly they mitigate spfinishing and rise revenue?

Then you can begin talking about your solution and also the attributes that can make this brave new human being possible. You can do this in a few ways:

By positioning your features versus the old method of doing thingsBy presenting those functions as “superpowers” that will fix your prospect’s problemsBy comparing those functions to competitors’ featuresBy utilizing a combination of some or every one of the above
Nail your sales presentations via this overview containing the 8 slides you need and tips on how to make them.

What to lug to your sales presentation

Now that we’ve disputed the story elements of a sales presentation, what need to you bring to a presentation?

Most sales presentations are in-perchild affairs and also include visual facets, favor a sales deck, handouts, or also, for some commodities, an in-person demonstration of the physical commodities (think of the stereotypical door-to-door vacuum salesperson, spilling dirt on the floor simply to vacuum it all up.)

This section will certainly define what you have to prepare, fill and bring via you to wow your prospects.

The PowerPoint presentation

Most sales presentations encompass a sales deck to aid supply facts, numbers and statistics that ago up your presentation and also help your prospects embrace your solution.

While you don’t have to usage PowerPoint, you need to usage a slide application (like Google Slides) to present your sales deck so that it’s clearly visible to everyone in the room and straightforward to relocate from slide to slide via the click of a switch.

Your sales deck need to have a couple of crucial facets, noted out in these bullet points:

A great cover picture or opening slide: prefer the story you open up your presentation via, your cover slide have to grab your audience’s attention.Testimonials and also situation studies from various other customers: Quotes from or information about various other customers, preferably in the very same market as your prospects, will certainly act as social proof and also go a lengthy means to backing up your claims. Customized content: While it could seem tempting to use the exact same content for every presentation, you should personalize your presentation for each meeting. You might want to usage your prospect’s brand colors, discover data specific to their sector or market, or reference an previously exreadjust. A last slide with following steps: Your last slide must be a straight speak to to activity, giving one or 2 following procedures for your prospects.

A note around message in your sales deck: Keep the slides simple and light on message. Your prospects don’t desire to be looking at a wall surface of words to review. According to data from Venngage, 84% of presenters use visual information in their presentations and also there’s a great reason for that: your audience demands to follow the totality presentation, especially if they’re listening to you, looking at your sales deck and watching the demo—you don’t want to overwhelm them with indevelopment.

The product

Nothing sells a product choose seeing it in activity.

Take the instance of Scrub Daddy, a sponge that transforms shape depending upon the warmth of the water. When Aaron Krausage, Scrub Daddy’s founder and inventor, presented the product on Shark Tank in 2012, he demonstrated the sponge cleaning dirty kitchenware and also grbasic countertops. He additionally provided bowls of water, and also 2 10-pound weights to show the sponge’s amazing morphic abilities.

The tactic paid off for Krause: Scrub Daddy partnered with Lori Greiner for $200,000, in rerotate for 20% equity in the business and is currently thought about among Shark Tank’s the majority of effective commodities.

So exactly how can you show off your product?

Figure out just how to make your product portable

Not all products are easy to demo, so you may have to improvise.

With a physical product, think of the perfect setting for a demo? What would certainly present the product at its best?With a digital product, make sure you have the modern technology on hand to present what your product have the right to do. (And check beforehand that the tech works). If it’s a mobile app, have your prospects downfill it. If it’s a platcreate, it could be ideal to demo using a projector. For some remedies, items that are as well substantial to be lugged in, or which are location-certain, you may need to count on a video as part of the presentation.


Depfinishing on the nature of your solution, you might have to hand also out materials to the prospects in the room.

This deserve to be as basic as call information or sales literary works, or it deserve to be somepoint that’s component of the presentation, favor a QR code that permits them to download the demo on their phones.

Make sure this material is easy, to the point and also won’t overwhelm them. You may desire to distribute any kind of handouts at the finish of the presentation. After all, you desire the civilization in the room listening to you, not analysis the information you simply offered them.

Your team

If you’re doing a presentation, chances are you’re not going alone. You might be heading to the presentation with an additional salesperchild or 2.

Whether you’re going solo or as component of a team, it’s crucial to prepare beforehand. Here are some sales presentation tips for preparation. Here are some sales presentation tips for preparation:

Practice, practice, practice. You’ll must gain the timing best, particularly if your presentation has actually most relocating components. Go through it to make certain your timing functions, so that you deserve to nail the meeting itself.

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Make sure everything works. You don’t want to go right into a meeting with a faulty PowerPoint presentation or a damaged sample—or discover out tright here is no whiteboard once one is integral to your demonstration. Do your finest to make certain everything goes to setup. Decide on everyone’s roles. This one is just for those presenting as a team. Will various sales reps stop with each section? Will one rep talk while the others manage the sales deck and also demo? Decide who will do and also say what ahead of time.