The ____ represents the maximum feasible combicountries of two outputs that deserve to be produced in a given period of time. Ineffective production occurs at any type of allude inside the curve and all points along the curve are effective points.

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____occurs when the production possibilities curve shifts external as the result of alters in the reresource base or development in modern technology.
Which of the following is not one of the three standard financial questions?a. What happens when you add to or subtract from a existing situation?b. For whom to produce? c. How to produce?d. What to produce?
Which of the adhering to does not show opportunity cost?a. If I examine, I have to provide up going to the footround game.b. If I buy a computer, I must carry out without a 35" television.c. More consumer spfinishing currently means even more spfinishing later on. d. If I spend more on clothing, I must spfinish less on food.
Which of the adhering to would certainly be a lot of most likely to reason the production opportunity curve for computers and also education and learning to transition outward?a. A choice of more computers and also less education.b. A alternative of even more education and also much less computers.c. A reduction in the labor force.d. An increase in the quantity of resources.
On a production possibilities curve, a readjust from economic inperformance to economic effectiveness is acquired by:a. movement alengthy the curve.b. activity from external the frontier to a suggest on the curve.c. movement from a suggest inside the frontier to a point on the curve. d. a adjust in the slope of the curve.
One of the assumptions underlying the production possibilities curve for any provided economic climate is that:a. the state of modern technology is changing.b. there is an infinite supply of easily accessible resources.c. tright here is full employment and no underemployment of sources when the economyis operating on the curve.d. items can be produced in boundless quantities.
tbelow is complete employment an no underemployment of resources when the economy is operating on the curve
Any suggest on the production possibilities curve illustrates: a. minimum production combinations.b. maximum production combinations.c. financial development.d. a nonfeasible manufacturing combination.
As manufacturing of an excellent increases, chance prices climb because: a. tright here will be even more inperformance.b. civilization constantly favor having more goods.c. of inflationary pressures.d. workers are not equally suited to all work.

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Which of the complying with would certainly be the majority of most likely to reason the manufacturing possibility curve for tanks and also cars to shift outward?a. A reduction in the labor pressure.b. A option of even more tanks and fewer cars.c. A alternative of more cars and also fewer tanks.d. An increase in the amount of natural sources.