The other alternatives of the question were A) the signing of the Pact of Steel between Hitler and Mussolini. B) the German intrusion of the Soviet Union. C) the signing of German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact

The activity that defines why Britain officially entered World War II was the Gerguy invasion of Poland also.

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British Prime Minister Chamberlain made everything he had actually on his hands to maintain a international policy of appeasement to offer Hitler what he wanted and prevent one more world battle. Europe suffered so much pain and devastation during World War 1, and also Great Britain tried to prevent war at all prices. Eexceptionally readjusted in 1939 once Adolph Hitler ordered the Germale troops to attack Poland also. World War II had started.

"The Germale intrusion of Poland" is one action among the following options provided in the question that describes why Britain officially gotten in World War II. The correct alternative among all the choices that are provided in the question is the fourth choice or the last option. I hope that this is the answer that has actually helped you. 

1. Why did Hitler launch Operation Barbarossa?to get control of the well-off sources that were under the regulate of the USSR2. What was the function of D-Day? to recase Western Europe first before attempting to relocate Allied troops into Germany3. The Allied victory in Europe was sealed after the Allies beat the Nazis at what last Gerguy offensive?The Battle of the Bulge4. Which of the following was a decisive strategic maneuver that turned the tide in favor of the Allies in Europe?the Normandy intrusion of Europe5. Which of the adhering to actions defines why Britain officially gone into World War II?the German invasion of Poland6. In 1939, British politician Winston Churchill uttered these words: "Between shame and battle, we have actually favored shame, and also we will gain war." To what was Churchill referring?Chamberlain"s appeasement of Hitler at Munich7. What was the meaning of the Battle of Stalingrad?It prevented Germany kind of from efficiently obtaining control of Moscow.8. What was the Sudetenland also and also why did Germany want to annex it?It was a part of Czechoslovakia wbelow ethnic Germans lived.I agree with these answers. 

The answer is: the German intrusion of Poland

The moment German got into Poland, the British federal government realized that Hitler was major in his intentions to conquer Europe. Thus, they started to initiate a plan to limit German"s forces prior to spreading to various other vital Area in Europe. They send hefty automobiles such as Tanks to guard the boundaries.

The Germale intrusion of Poland. France and also Britain told Hitler they would certainly go to war with Germany kind of if he invades Poland, so Hitler promptly attacked Poland also.



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