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Which Monsters Inc. character are you?

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Are you Sulley, Mike, Boo, Randal, or Fungus? Take this quiz to see which character from Disney & Pixar"s Monsters Inc. is most like you! NOTE: this is my first quiz.

1What is your favorite listed color?
None of the above
2What do you do in the morning?
Work out
Watch TV
Finish my homework/ paperwork
Get Ready for school (different from homework)
Read the newspaper
3Do you get along with your friends at work or school?
4Which role would you play in the scare floor activity?
Scarer"s assistant
Scarer"s victim
5How would you scare someone?
Make a scary face and roar loudly at them
Disappear then reappear in their face and look them in the eye menacingly
Touch them
Get someone scarier than me to do it
I"d rather make them laugh
6What would you do to impress your boss?
Just keep up the good work
Pass on some tips to beginners
Double the success of our company somehow
Help my co-worker with his ideas
Stay out of the way
7What would make you happiest in life?
Have a family
Become famous
Rule the World!!! or at least a good company
Get a better job
I"m too young to worry about that now!
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