ar mass in g/mol mass in grams=number of molesmolar mass in g/mol mass in grams=molar mass in g/molnumber of moles mass in grams = molecular weight · molar mass in g/mol Option (a) is the correct

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Number of moles is characterized as mass of offered substance in grams separated by molar mass of the substance in grams per mol.

Mathematically, No. of moles = fracmass in gramsMolar mass of substance

or, Mass in grams = No. of molar mass × Molar mass of substance

Therefore, we can conclude that mathematical connection we need to you usage to transform moles of a substance right into grams is mass in grams = variety of moles · molar mass in g/mol.

CuSO₄(aq) + 2 KF(aq) = CuF₂ + K₂SO₄


The question is missing however I think it must be about writing and balancing the equation.

Let"s consider the unbalanced equation for the reactivity that occurs as soon as aqueous copper (II) sulfate reacts with aqueous potassium fluoride to create a precipitate of copper (II) fluoride (I solved a mistake here) and also aqueous potassium sulfate. This is a double displacement reaction.

CuSO₄(aq) + KF(aq) = CuF₂ + K₂SO₄

Since just K and F atoms are not balanced, we will get the balanced equation by multiplying KF by 2.

CuSO₄(aq) + 2 KF(aq) = CuF₂ + K₂SO₄

Which of the complying with is the correct name for the compound mgbr2? magnesium bromate magnesium bromide magnesium dibromide magne
Correct is magnesium bromide. This is an ionic compound through metal creating a positive ion - K+ and halogen forming an adverse ion - Br-. When group 7 aspect develop ions they have actually a sufsolve -ide. Bromine is the facet and also as soon as it creates an adverse ion bromine is dubbed bromide with the sufdeal with. Magnesium offers 2 electrons and also bromine have the right to take just 1 electron, therefore 2 bromine atoms are required. Thus magnesium creates ionic bonds with 2 bromine atoms. The compound is dubbed magnesium bromide

Electronegativity of an facet decreases as we relocate down a team on the periodic table and also electronegativity boosts while moving from left to ideal throughout a period on the routine table.


The electronegativity rises as we relocate from left to ideal throughout a period because from left to best across a duration, the nuclear charge is raising Hence the attraction for the valence electrons likewise increases.As we move down a team, the atoms of each element have an enhancing variety of power levels. The distance in between the nucleus and also valence electron shell rises and reduces the attractivity for valence electrons. Hence electronegativity decreases as we relocate from peak to bottom dvery own a group.

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By allowing the potatoes to be stored longer so they can be marketed throughout winter months.


Since low power pwrite-ups are fired at the potatoes to proccasion them from developing unwanted sprouts, it suggests that it prevents sprouts from thriving on the potatoes.

Now, winter is wet duration which motivates even more expansion of the sprouts. Thus, the method this advance will affect the industry is that the potatoes will certainly be stored for much longer period and then offered in the winter.

A salt crystal has a mass of 0.11 mg. How many NaCl formula units does it contain? Express your using 2 considerable fig The number of formula systems in the given amount of NaCl are