The quote listed below was part of a campaign speech offered by Senator Albert J. Beveridge in 1898:"But today we are raising more than we deserve to consume. Today we are making more than we have the right to usage. Today our commercial culture is congested; tbelow are more workers than tright here is work; tright here is more capital than there is investment. We do not require even more money-we require even more circulation, more employment. Therefore, we should discover brand-new sectors for our develop, new occupation for our capital, brand-new job-related for our labor."Which form of plan was this statement intfinished to justify?

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Which UNITED STATE acquisition was thought about to have the ideal harbor in the Pacific for huge naval vessels?
The map listed below shows the place of Guam: What was the United States" major usage of Guam in the late 1ninth century and also early on 20th century?
"I"ve been via one war. I have seen the dead piled up, and also I execute not want to view another."-President William McKinley, a veteran of the Civil WarMcKinley"s remark in 1895 came as a result of press for the USA to take what action?
After the Spanish-Amerideserve to War, the USA supported the independence of which of the following?
The cartoon below was produced in 1898: Based on the cartoon, which conclusion have the right to be made about the USA after the Spanish-Amerideserve to War?
The Amerihave the right to Expeditionary Force that gotten in World War I was trained and also commanded through which of these leaders?
The diagram listed below mirrors the actions taken by the UNITED STATE federal government during World War I to promote the war effort:Which of these steps the majority of strongly contradicted the prevailing ideas of the time?
The diagram below mirrors army developments that affected the means World War I was fought:What effect did these inventions have on the war?
Which team contained the just U.S. soldiers that were used as reinforcements for Allied devices and put under foreign command in the time of World War I?
During World War I, the federal federal government put the greatest legal restrictions on which of these groups?
to build naval defense versus rivals as the USA enhanced profession through Asia and Latin America
(MC)The complying with is the front page of the New York Journal from February 17, 1898:Image of the front page of the New York Journal. The headline reads as complies with Destruction of the War Ship Maine Was the Work of an Enemy. There are additionally boxes that sell a reward for the detection of the perpetrators. Public DomainWhich defines how this newspaper write-up added to the Spanish-Amerihave the right to War?

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