Today -- somewhere in the civilization -- someone is watching reruns of the timeless 1950s Amerideserve to TV comedy, “I Love Lucy.”


In vintage black and also white, the zany adendeavors of housewife Lucy Ricarcarry out, her Cuban entertainer-husband Ricky Ricarperform (portrayed by real-life spouse Desi Arnaz), and their next-door neighbors, the Mertzes, entertained viewers as a weekly sitcom for 6 seasons.*

For the show’s stars and their audience, “I Love Lucy” ended up being a real instance of art imitating life.

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In the 1953 episode titled “Lucy Goes To The Hospital,” ** Lucy-the-TV-character provides birth to “Little Ricky,” who would later be shown by a child actor. The pregnancy was composed right into the display because of the real-life pregnancy of its star, Lucille Ball.

The display and the dual pregnancies so captivated the country that newsfiles consisting of the Middletown Journal retained readers apprised of Lucille Ball’s problem. ***


On January 19, 1953, the actress-comedienne offered birth to her second child, Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV. The baby the world awaited, Desi Arnaz Jr.’s sweet color portrait graced the cover of the exceptionally first issue of “TV Guide” dated April 3-9, 1953.

Desi Jr. ultimately became an entertainer and also is probably best recognized as a member of the ‘60s rock team, “Dino, Desi and also Billy.” Interestingly, the trio had Dean “Dino” Martin Jr., the boy of famous singer-actor Dean Martin.

A testament to its appeal, “I Love Lucy” the sitcom, “has actually run in syndication for over sixty years, developing among TV’s many celebrated traditions.” *

“...Over its leading run, ‘I Love Lucy’ won five Emmy Awards, including 2 for Best Situation Comedy and also one for Lucille Ball as Best Actress in a Continuing Performance…” **

You just can’t argue via the facts:

We still love Lucy.

* “1001 TV Shows You Must Watch Before You Die.” Published in 2015 by Universe Publishing. Available for checkout at MidPointe Library.

** “The Platinum Period of Television - From I Love Lucy to The Walking Dead - How TV Became Terrific” by David Bianculli. Publimelted in 2016 by DoubleDay. Available for checkout at MidPointe Library.

*** Local news short articles researched for this blog were :

“Lucy’s Baby Due Today” from January 19, 1953, Middletown Journal.

“Lucy’s Real Story As with Script -- New Baby is Son” from January 20, 1953, Middletvery own Journal.

Copies of previous concerns of the Middletvery own Journal are obtainable digital at > eLibrary > Research Databases > Magazines and Newspapers > Newspaper Archive > Middletvery own Journal.

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The image of the TV Guide cover, dated April 3-9, 1953, is from Google.