All around Dear John filming areas. Dear John is a 2010 film. It was based on a novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. Many type of Nicholas Sparks novels have been adapted to the display. Dear John is a romantic battle drama. The story revolves roughly a soldier’s life. The movie is directed by Lasse Hallstrom. Dear John was released in 2010, distributed by Sony Pictures. Moreover, the film stars Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried, Henry Thomas, Richard Jenkins, and also Scott Porter in primary functions. The music was composed by Deborah Lurie.

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Dear John has actually grossed $115 million. In addition, the movie had actually the ideal opening of all movies based on Nicholas Sparks’ novels. Dear John became the highest-grossing movie for the week in the opening weekend. The film got mixed reviews. However, some people favored the spreading. Overall the movie has Mixed or average reviews. It is available on Netflix.





Dear John Plot

The story is about John Tyree, a US Army sergeant. On holiday he meets Savannah, a college girl. She invites John to a party wbelow he meets Alan, a boy via autism. They go out together in the complying with weeks and loss in love. John gets right into a fight and also accidentally hurts Alan. Consequently, Savannah is upset with him. However before, this gets reresolved with the assist of Tim, Alan’s father. Before John retransforms, they decide to continue this partnership. They promise each various other to compose letters.

As John discharges from the Army, they arrangement to clear up together. But adhering to the 9/11 strikes, John asks for a prolonged deployment. On the other hand, Savannah decides to work with autistic children. In a letter, she breaks up through John. In 2003, John was swarm on a mission in Afghanistan. Four years later on, John is sent out to live with his father, who had actually a stroke. His father passed away in a couple of days. John learns that Savannah has actually married Tim. Although Tim tells him that Savannah still loves him, they don’t reunite currently.

Months later on, after his discharge from Army, John meets her. Now that Tim is gone, he hugs Savannah meeting her at a coffee shop. And they reunite.

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Dear John Cast

The movie has Channing Tatum portraying as John Tyree. Channing is well-known for his role in White Housage Dvery own. Savannah was played by the Median Girl actress Amanda Seyfried. The Friends via Benefits fame Rictough Jenkins play Mr. Tyree. Other essential actors were Henry Thomas, Scott Porter, Luke Benward, Cullen Moss, and also Gavin McCulley.

Dear John filming locations

The movie was filmed in Charleston. Charleston is a city in South Carolina. Nicholas’s The Notebook was additionally shot roughly the beautiful city. Other major places were Oak Island also, Edisto Island, and also Sullivan’s Island also. In the sequence wbelow John initially sees Savannah, the location is the well known Isle of Palms Pier. This pier is a popular historical location and also attracts tourists. It provides a picturesque structure while shooting. Thus, becoming a popular photography and shooting location.

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Another historical area used was the College of Charleston. The college has actually been a director’s favorite. Savannah would certainly sit in the Randolph Hevery one of the college and also write letters. Other movies choose Cold Mountain, The Notebook, The Patriot were additionally filmed at this college. It is one of the earliest colleges in the USA. The Citadel, a army college in South Carolina, was also supplied for filming Dear John. When John was swarm in the shoulder, he underwent treatment in a Germale Infirmary. It was this scene that was shot in the infirmary right here. The scenes wbelow John was on a mission in Afghanistan, it was shot in Harleyville. With debris and smoke, the Lafarge Cement manufacturing facility in Harleyville was turned into an Afghan village.

The factory turned into an Afghan village

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