All droughts end with rain. The cleansing washes amethod every one of the curses and superstitions and improbable losses. The Chicago Cubs finished their drought. Fly the W! The Cubs are 2016 World Series champions!
DirectorsJed TuminaroStarringKris Bryant, Jon Lester, Joe MaddonGenresSports, Documentary, Special InterestSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
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Supporting actorsAnthony Rizzo, Addiboy RussellProducersMatt Anderton, Danny FieldStudioShout! FactoryAcquisition rightsStream instantly DetailsFormatPrime Video (streaming digital video)DevicesAvailable to watch on sustained devices
Tim HolstadReregarded in the United States on January 7, 2017
MLB put this disc out and also an 8-disc set additionally. The 8-disc collection was the pennant win and also all the salso World Series games in their totality, while this disc is more the story of the series, and also player and also fans" perspectives and also reactions. I got the 8-disc collection first and then this one. If you are a true fan, you"ll want them both, as they were both great to watch.
IndianapoetReregarded in the USA on May 6, 2017
What can be said? The Game 7. Tright here can never before be another that will certainly meacertain approximately it. Even my beloved Cubs cannot match the drama that emerged that night.The love hate partnership eextremely true Cubs fan has had over the years increased to epic heights that night. Never have actually I been via so many kind of emovements in one evening. And this time, this time it came out good. This time, we were on the side celebrating. Even 6 months later on it seems like a dream.This DVD series is a should for eexceptionally Cubs fan. I especially like the option to listen to the radio broadcast while I watch, so that I do not have to listen to Joe Buck talk around his love affair with Kershaw (who many likely was golfing somewright here throughout the Series). Buy it. Treacertain it. Love it.
LoRoKReviewed in the United States on January 15, 2017
I can"t say just how excited I was for this. A possibility to rewatch the games via Pat & Ron, simply like I did when it aired? Sign me up! However before these games are presented via nopoint however the activity. Everypoint is reduced out save for the at bats. Tbelow is no pregame ceremony or talk, the videos begin as the first batter procedures into the box with the commentary in mid-sentence, then it cuts away as soon as the third out is recorded, aacquire via the commentary in mid sentence, only to repeat this procedure for the next half inning. Aobtain and also aget, throughout the whole expectations of the games, you acquire to watch somepoint that feels ruburned, clipped, edited dvery own to only the bare minimum. Tbelow is no immersive experience. It just trucks along as if it"s simply trying to acquire it over with. I"m exceptionally displeased through this.
Stephen CoxReperceived in the USA on January 7, 2017
Gotta have actually this if you"re a Cubs fan! You get the regular telecast of eextremely game of the 2016 Series, with Joe Buck and Smoltzie, as broadactors on the day of each game, and the Chicearlier radio broadcasters and also the Cleveland also men on sepaprice sound-tracks. Also consists of the Video Game 6 of the NLCS teleactors, through the broadspreading teams as above. Reasonably priced; quality of the DVD"s is wonderful (could go ahead myself and gain the Blu-ray version!).

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MJD2013Reperceived in the USA on July 3, 2017
As a Cub fan considering that 1982, I had to obtain this so I might relive the glorious moments anywhere aget. The video high quality is great. The sound high quality, yet, was disappointing. I have house theater surround sound set-up, 7.1.2 I intended to be enveloped by the crowd sounds. Instead, many of the sounds came out of my front two speakers! It was favor it was stereo, 2 channel sound! Rather disappointed in the sound top quality. As far as the content, it includes the clinching NLCS game and all 7 people series games, and also some post-game stuff. I was satisfied with the content. They skipped over the game 7 rain delay content, however I sort of meant that. Over-all satisfying purchase, just disappointed through the 2 channel sound top quality.
Bought this for my husband also - a die-hard Cub fan that has now watched his lifelong dream come true. For a true fan, this DVD doesn"t edit anypoint, allowing my husband also the joy of re-experiencing eincredibly hit, strike, whiff, twitch, scratch, spit, crowd reactivity, manager eye-roll and also announcing booth banter from Video Game 1 through Game 7! And he has actually...several times over!
These collectors" DVD editions keep becoming less and also much less. For instance, the 2004 Red Sox edition had actually the World Series games plus all 7 ALCS games--vital given that that was the year of the great Sox comeago from 0-3, and also I still reap watching the shedding games as the setup for the comeago. Tright here was additionally a bonus disc. By 2007, likewise a year with a fairly amazing ALCS comeearlier, the collection had actually been trimmed to include the WS games plus just the 4 winning games from the ALCS plus a bonus disc. Quick forward to 2016, and also this Cubs collection consists of the WS games plus just the one last game of the NLCS. No bonus disc. The stats and also facts that cover nearly eextremely square inch of the discs & packaging of the earlier collections have actually been jettisoned. This 2016 collection is a bare-bones affair that appears to have been thrown together by people that don"t really treatment around these things very much. We waited 108 years for this?