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Dear Client,

We started this service via the goal to market high quality organization for affordable prices. We offer affordable weaves for every woman and also we have available incredibly low prices for years.

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We have actually had actually a few slight boosts in prices over the previous few years and efficient January 1, 2017 we will certainly have actually a an additional price increase in order counter cost boosts, reprimary competitive in the market and to ensure our team earns according to the artisattempt they perdevelop.

We appreciate your loyalty over the years and we worth you deeply as our client. We hope you have the right to understand also these essential changes and that we deserve to count on your continued support.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Have a blessed day,The Weave Shop Management586-619-7467


Warren Menu of Services

Weave Packages

$50 Silver Weave – In order to acquire the $50 special you should leave a section of your very own hair out to cover the track. The $50 sew-in weave comes with a trim and a level iron. If you would certainly favor a in-depth cut such as layers or a bob that would certainly be an additional $35. For all weave services tbelow is an additional $30 to have your curly or wavy weave flat ironed straight.

$95 Silver+ Weave – Classic Silver Weave package plus thorough reduced.

$110 Gold Weave – If you want a finish closure wright here namong your very own hair is left out, that is $100 and comes via any reduced.

$125 Platinum Weave – Our finest weave! This is appropriate for bald spots, thinning hair, short hair or if you simply desire to gain even more wear out of your weave. The net secures the braids. You have the right to obtain this through hair left out or closed in. The net lasts about 3 months and also comes via any reduced.

$49 Rapid Weave – This weave is bonded and also comes via a trim and level iron. If you would favor a comprehensive reduced such as layers or a bob that would certainly be an additional $29.

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$45 Weave Retouch – The Weave Retouch contains a signature wash & instant conditioner, retightening tracks where required & level iron. It is recommfinished eincredibly 2 to 3 weeks to appropriately treatment for your natural hair and weave. Ideal maintenance will rise the life of your weave.