How to Make Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion Costume

1Pink DressFor the initially look, get this pink outfit.

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2Pink SandalsPair of through these cute sandals.
3Rhinerock ChokerYou can likewise make sure to add a little of shine through this choker.
4Blue DressThen be sure to complement the pink dress via this blue one.
5Metallic SandalsKeep it shiny with this pair of glitter sandals.
6Bead Collar NecklaceFor the blue dress, get this collar necklace.
7Hoop EarringsKeep the twinning fashion sparkly via these earrings, as well.
8Blonde WigFormat this wig right into the distinctive formats of Romy or Michele.

Romy and also Michele’s iconic twinning look for their occasion was an excellent fashion moment. They arrive at the reunion in matching pinka and blue mini dresses which they styled via chokers and earrings. They also wore strap heels. You and your bestie deserve to rock this costume by getting a blonde wig and also a entirety lot of attitude!

About Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Romy and also Michele’s High School Reunion is a film starring Mira Sorvino and also Lisa Kudrow. The story follows 2 woguys that are both 28 years old but have not completed considerably in live yet. They then decide to fabricate fake success and careers to impush their classmates in an upcoming high college reunion. Their cover blows in the reunion but they had actually each others ago and they decided to come ago right into the reunion in corresponding outfits.


Lizzie McGuire & Isabella CostumeLizzie McGuire’s costume is a silver cropped peak, a silver jacket, silver pants, silver heels, and also a blonde wig. Isabella’s costume is a green jacket, a green mini skirt, green sheer wrap-around, babsence fishnets, green knee-high boots, and a black wig.

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Maverick & Charlie (Top Gun) nlinux.orgop Gun Pilot costume is a one-item olive jumpsuit via numerous patches is what you’ll be wearing if you’re going to be among them. Charlie’s costume can quickly be redeveloped through a white button-dvery own shirt paired through a black pencil skirt. Then optimal it with a babsence jacket. She likewise wears babsence pumps and has a blonde hair!
Chel, Miguel & Tulio (The Road to El Dorado) CostumeMiguel’s costume functions a red optimal with khaki pants and black shoes. He has lengthy blonde hair and facial hair too. Tulio wears a blue shirt under a brown vest and pairs it with green pants. Chel’s costume is a white bandeau with red and pink fabric on top, a white long-slit skirt, and turquoise bangles.

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