Canada is ultimately getting some love from TLC. The network-related freshly added Say Yes to the Dress: Northern Edition to its lineup, which functions a bridal boutique north of the border.

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Here’s whatever you should understand around the franchise’s latest spinoff, including the male giving Randy and Monte a run for their money.

The shop featured is Amanda-Lina’s Sposa Boutique in Woodbridge, Ontario, simply exterior of Toronto. They’ve actually been helping brides on TV since 2015 as part of Say Yes to the Dress Canada, which has been rebranded for American audiences.

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According to the webwebsite, every single dress in the save is priced at $2,000 or under. A few of the more expensive deindicators come from beloved Say Yes to the Dress consultant Randy Fenoli’s arsenal.

In the "About Us" area, Amanda-Lina’s owner Sam Pollari describes just how the boutique first happened. "I opened up this service in May 1995 with my wife Rachelle bereason I had operated in this retail sector via my paleas once they had their keep on Weston Road/Lawrence ."

The store’s reviews are mainly positive and also it presently holds a 3.8 out of 5 stars on The Knot. "What an impressive experience from begin to finish!" one satisfied bride created on June 30. "I was blessed to be offered an extremely patient bridal consultant right from the start."

Anvarious other customer added in August 2018, "The staff were extremely friendly and also found me the perfect dress. Alterations are done really well below also."


But some brides complained that the customer service declined after they made their purchases. " my veil at earlier in December, and also it has actually still yet to come in," one individual created on June 27. "There had actually been ZERO communication unmuch less I initiated it... additionally they have offered no reasonable explanation regarding why it’s been delayed (twice)."

The fashion guru divulged his key to finding a bride the perfect dress in a 2014 interwatch via Durham Region. " listening. You hear what their venue is, you hear what they’re wanting. They tell you if they want coverage, they tell you if they want sweetheart, and then you offer them a selection."

He added, "It’s all about the silhouette on the body; making certain it fits their body. That’s commonly the staple. When you get the beautiful silhouette on their body and also it’s fitting them to wbelow they are going 'oh my god' in the mirror, you recognize that that is the piece."


In a chat with Flare, the previous shoe salesman revealed the one style that flatters eextremely bride. "The fit-and-flare. I don’t think there’s a woman who won’t fit right into that gown — I’m talking everyone from size 0 to 24," Joseph shared. 

"It’s beauticompletely fitted in to the top body, and also then it’s an A-line shape from the hip to the floor. I always say, 'If you’re feeling uncomfortable via your body, try that gvery own on.' It’s among my favorites."