The home at the north-western edge has actually a Fisherman who"ll offer you an Old Rod, which enables you to capture Magikarp.Go south a little bit, and also you"ll discover two dwellings to the left. One of the dwellings is where you have the right to trade aSpearow for a Farfetch"d. The other house is the Pokemon Fan Club. Talk to the chairguy inside to obtain a Bike Voucher.

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In the Pokemon Center, talk to the girl standing in front of the respond to for a VS Seeker. This tool permits you to reobstacle trainerswho have actually trained their Pokemon to be even more powerful than the initially time you combated them. To activate the VS Seeker, simply stand also approximately acouple of trainers and also pick the item. Trainers that are hoping about are the ones that will fight you aacquire.

Now go ago to Cerulean City, get yourself a bike from the Bike Shop, and also come earlier in style!

All Aboard The S.S. Anne!

The S.S. Anne may seem small, yet it"s astronomical inside. It can be foundby going south of Vermillion City, and "flashing" your S.S. Ticket to the guard. If you exploreeach and every room inside, you"ll uncover tons of trainers and quite a few items. A girl in the second room from the ideal on the main deckcan heal your injured Pokemon. In the ship"s kitchen, you"ll be able to discover your initially Berries, 3 of them to be exact, in the trash cans. From currently on,all Berries will be stored in your new Berry Pouch. To end your remain at the S.S. Anne, fight Gary on the second floor.

After beating him, go up to the captain"s cabin. He"s seasick and puking. Rub his ago and he"ll provide you HM01 - Cut. Now leave the ship. When you"re external, the ship will certainly sail amethod. Remember: if you do not acquire Cut, the ship won"t leave. If you want the S.S. Anne to continue to be, lose to a trainer after obtaining Cut. Now teach Cut to one of your Pokemon, and you"re all set to go to the gym.

A Shocking Battle

Cut the tree blocking the course to the gym and go inside, where you"ll confront a couple of trainers who use Electric Pokemon. Now comes the tough part: Lt. Surge, the gym leader, has put electrical locks on the door that leads to him, so you"ll have to resolve a puzzle. Tbelow are a bunch of trash cans. Press "A" on eexceptionally one of them until it says that you"ve discovered and also flipped a switch. You must flip 2 switches for the door to open, so you"llhave to discover the second switch. The second switch is always either is always either above, alongside, or below the first one. If you gain it wrong, the switch will be reset, and you"ll need to do every little thing over aget. This is a verytricky and occasionally annoying puzzle, yet hopefully, you"ll acquire it sooner or later on. And once you execute open up the doors, it"s time to fight Lt. Surge.

Lt. Surge has actually the adhering to Pokemon: a lv. 21 Voltorb, a lv. 18 Pikachu, and a lv. 24 Raichu. Beating him through a Ground-form Pokemon is as basic as tossing a PokeBall, and recording one is simple too. You can catcha Diglett or also a Dugtrio in the adjacent Diglett"s Cave. If you beat him, he"ll give you TM34 - Shock Waveand a Thunder Badge.

Diglett"s Cave

If you go eastern from Vermilion City, you"ll discover Diglett"s Cavern on Route 11.This cave is no maze. It"s basic to go via given that there"s just one road. Tbelow are no items to pick up. The onlyPokemon you"ll discover are Diglett and also the occasional Dugtrio. Head inside and also go to the various other end to go back to Route 2 for some important organization.

Locations (Diglett"s Cave)

Back On Route 2

After you departure the cave, you"ll revisit Route 2. But this time, it"s the other fifty percent of the route that you weren"t able tocheck out prior to. Go southern, and also you"ll find a house. Inside, a man is willing to profession his Mr. Mime for your Abra.

The next house has actually one of Prof. Oak"s aides in it. If you"ve accumulated ten or more Pokemon he will offer you HM02 - Flash. It"s offered to illuminate dark caves and tunnels. Keep on going for two items.

Route 11

Go earlier through the cave and go east as soon as you acquire out. You"ll be on Route 11. Tbelow are many type of trainers, manyitems, and also a whole lot of grass. When you reach the gate, among Prof. Oak"s aides will be upstairs. If youhave recorded as much as thirty Pokemon, he"ll provide you an Item Finder. This item helps you detect surprise items thatcannot be viewed. There"s also one more trainer that"ll trade you a Nidorina for a Nidorino. You can not go to the other side because there"s a Snorlax blocking the way. Now go back to Cerulean City and also reduced the tree that was blocking the method. Then you"ll obtain onto Route 9.

Locations (Route 11)

Route 9

On Route 9 you"ll be battling many type of trainers. Here, you"ll uncover TM40 - Aerial Ace. To reach the end ofthis path, just keep on going east, where you"ll arrive at Route 10.

Locations (Route 9)

Route 10

Route 10 is short for now. You"ll view some water. When your Pokemon learns Surf, it deserve to surf tothe Power Plant, simply southern of Route 10. Make certain that you have actually taught one of your Pokemon the Flash HM in order to enter Rock Tunnel.

There"s a Pokemon Center for you to heal your Pokemon here. One of Prof. Oak"s aides is below. If you"ve caught at leastern twenty Pokemon, he"llgive you the Everrock. Let your Pokemon hold the Everrock, and also they will not evolve.

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Locations (Route 10)

Rock Tunnel

Rock Tunnel requires that your Pokemon understand Flash, otherwise, you"ll only be able to seea tiny little bit. Like Mt. Moon, Rock Tunnel is a maze. Tright here are items, trainers, and also new Pokemon here. Here, you"ll accomplish a Pokemon every eight to ten measures, which is more than normal. Use Repel if you don"t want to satisfy too many wild Pokemon. After you leave the tunnel, you"ll fight a few trainers, and also will certainly then be heading to Lavender Town.