Our rums come from a place and also a civilization who forever before difficulty the status quo. Who live on their own terms via passion for enjoyments great and little. Who appreciate the expression of individualism. Who take liberties in the quest of daily pleasures.

It"s in this spirit that we invite you to take liberties with Old New Orleans Rum - sample our award-winning rums in our tasting room, and visit our gift shop wbelow you deserve to purchase a bottle or three to gain at house.

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what we exist for

We are the art of celebration.A area of committed people developing great drinks to honor the people. Thunstable Fresh, natural ingredients, know-exactly how, and also the will certainly to make and also share our art, we create joy in a bottle.






Hand also Sanitizer

In at an early stage March, we diverted rum manufacturing to produce Hand also Sanitizer and aid our area fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, we were able to shift our energy and production capabilities.

You have made a difference by sustaining us and we say thanks to you for that. It has actually been a wild ride and also we are so grateful to be in it in addition to you all.

Eincredibly purchase helps save our doors open up and our team on the clock. It likewise helps us continue to donate to institutions in require such as medical clinics, police departments, food banks and so on.


Available at our distillery, we have 25 oz. bottles of hand sanitizer for purchase at $12/bottle. Hours of procedure are MON-SAT, 9AM to 5PM. Celebration Distillation is located at 2815 Frenchguys Street, New Orleans. We are practicing social distancing so we ask that when visiting, please wear a mask and also be mindful of the security and also well being of our staff and other tourists.


Celebration Distillation and The Old New Orleans Rum Distillery will certainly be closed for tastings and also tours until better alert in recognition of the COVID-19 outbreak. We recognize that the finest method to remain safe is to remain physically apart. We look forward to having you all back to visit soon!


To research a docountry or partnership to support those in need, please email us at info

Our PEopLE

A product is just as excellent as the human being that make it. As an company we aim for the greatest quality, not just in the spirits we develop, however in the partnerships we build with each other and our community. Our hard-functioning crew is dedicated to making impressive commodities just as a lot as we are to being an impressive team.


celebration distillation is located in brand-new orleans, Louisiana, simply minutes exterior the HISToRIC french quarter. we’re open up 7 days a week for tours and also tastings.

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Publication A TOUR

BOOK ONLINE or contact us at (504) 945-9400.

NEED A RIDE? We sell a complimentary shuttle service from the French Quarter!


2815 Frenchguys StreetNew Orleans, LA 70122

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