If you have read this blog for any kind of size of time you would certainly have realized that I love of complete coverage structure. If you are new to my blog hello and welinvolved my bit percentage of the internet wright here all full coverage foundations are loved and also wanted. I have done a mini-review of the babsence opal stick structure once I talked around my favourite foundations and also you have the right to read around that below. However, I believed I deserved a full testimonial so let’s gain started


The babsence opal site describes this foundation as a vast spectrum complete coverage; long-wear foundation. Which is expected to blur the appearance of your pores for a natural-looking finish without clogging your pores. Based on the summary the babsence opal stick structure is not targeted to any kind of specific skin kind so can be offered either oily, dry or normal skin.

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Appearance and also packaging

source: Lipstick Alley

The foundation comes in a babsence twist-up stick, with the lettering BKLOPAL on the side. The twist-up percentage in a sheath just favor lipstick which protects the optimal of your structure yet also allows you to check out the shade given that the optimal is transparent.

Shade variety

The foundation come in 16 shades which may seem tiny as soon as compared via various other brands. However, given that it is targeted solely on at babsence and brown skin tones tbelow are enough for everyone to job-related via. The shade array likewise takes the undertones of your skin into account with a selection of each.

Best for

I have oily skin and this structure functions extremely well for me as I stated previously it is not especially recommfinished for any type of skin kind so is likely to work well on all. Because the foundation is creamy it is emollient enough for dry skin and also the absence of fragrance and also parabens make it safe if your skin is more sensitive. So I would say, test it out and see if it works for you.

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Application is pretty easy, when I twist up the structure I attract lines across the areas of my challenge that need the coverage and usage a brush to blfinish it out. Now the just catch around the application of this foundation is that because it is quite thick you need a dense foundation brush to be able to buff it out correctly. I uncover that the Sigma F80 works perfectly (you can check out around my love for this brush here) or the Real Techniques Expert Face brush additionally does a great project. You don’t need to use the specific brushes I recommended if you currently have brushes with a comparable form pattern or thickness they have to work-related well.