Fortnite"s Seaboy 5 Week 9 difficulties are live, and also they challenge players to visit all seven various Stone Head places on the map. Here is where to discover them all.

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fortnite search where the stone heads are looking challenge
Fortnite"s Seaboy 5 Week 9 obstacles are live, giving players a slew of new tasks to finish in exreadjust for battle stars. One of the brand-new difficulties this week tasks players through visiting all the various Stone Head locations, of which tbelow are salso dotted around the battle royale map.

We recommfinish that players keep track of each Stone Head that they visit, otherwise this task might take a lot longer than it should. It"s worth mentioning that this obstacle does not have to be completed in a solitary complement, so Fortnite players have the right to visit as many type of of the Stone Heads as feasible, and if they die, resume their pursuit in the next complement.

As far as "visiting" the Stone Heads go, it appears inconsistent specifically just how cshed players need to acquire to each Stone Head for it to count toward the obstacle. Tright here were a pair of Stone Heads that wouldn"t pop unmuch less we were literally poignant them, however others popped as soon as we obtained reasonably close to them. Considering this, players may want to simply run up and also tag each Stone Head they watch just in situation.

Here are all the Stone Head locations in Fortnite (please click the photo for a closer look):

fortnite stone head locations

Additionally, we recommend this video overview by YouTuber gattu:

Besides this difficulty, a couple of the other Seachild 5 Week 9 challenges in Fortnite may offer players trouble. For circumstances, the obstacle to follow the Shifty Shafts treasure map might be tough if players go to Shifty Shafts, hunt down the treasure map, and then try to decipher it. The simpler method is to simply head right to wright here the covert battle star is located, which is the hill north of Salty Springs and also southwest of Dusty Divot.

The other challenges are self-explanatory for the the majority of part, though they will certainly call for players to be fairly experienced at the game. For example, tbelow is an obstacle to gain kills at Tomato Temple, and then one more obstacle to acquire assault rifle eliminations. Luckily assault rifles are reasonably easy to come by in Fortnite"s battle royale mode, so as long as players are decent shots, they must be able to complete that obstacle eventually.

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Fortnite is out now in at an early stage accessibility for iOS, Android, COMPUTER, PS4, Switch, and also Xbox One.