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It is not uncommon for world to laugh at their own jokes. One comedian discusses how he uses this as a benchmark for whether or not a joke is going to be funny for the audience.

nlinux.org Today interviews John Hodgman

Your delivery is famously dry. Do you ever crack yourself up? I find it to be comedically unethical to laugh at your own jokes on phase. ...//...

But the reverse is true once creating. I mainly just choose a joke of my very own if I make myself laugh once I compose it. If my brain can fool myself into a surprised chuckle, even when I am the one who composed the joke, my guess is that it can additionally fool you.

Is there a correlation in between people who typically laugh at their very own jokes and narcissistic features?

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$egingroup$ From personal experience: I really don't see myself as a narcissist, yet I deserve to be selfish (aren't we all a tiny bit). I laugh at my own jokes a lot, mainly bereason only I get the joke. I watch humor in the smallest points, things that are simply silly, ironic, and also oh how I love puns! It feels good to laugh! My husband just stares at me and shakes his head a lot which renders me laugh harder. lol I'm laughing thinking about this. $endgroup$
Apr 27 "15 at 3:24
WilliamKinaan those are narcissistic traits if that is what the perkid is reasoning and trying to attain. $endgroup$
Jun 16 "17 at 23:56
$egingroup$ I can't delete this, is has actually a solution. $endgroup$
Oct 4 "18 at 3:23
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