If you mix one substance via another substance you obtain a mixture. Lemonade would be an example. Or cookie dough! Pen ink is likewise a mixture. It has more than one substance in it. In this experiment you will check out that it is feasible to UNmix a mixture also. This is dubbed chromatography. Chromatography is separating the components of a mixture so that you deserve to watch each one by itself.

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Watch the video listed below to see a demonstration of chromatography utilizing some basic items you have the right to discover at house. Then try it yourself with paper towels and markers. In this experiment you will uncover out somepoint surpclimbing around what mixes together to make black ink!

Try a Chromatography Experiment at Home:


What You Need:

Paper Towel or Coffee Filter Bowl Water Several different kinds of babsence markers

Cut strips from the paper towel around 1 inch wide - one for each type of marker. Scribble across the bottom of one of the paper towel strips via each sort of marker. Scribble about one inch from one end of the paper towel spilgrimage. Tape the OTHER finish of the sexpedition to the maker you used to scribble on that sexpedition. That will help you remember which marker goes with each paper towel sexpedition.

Now hang the paper towel strips over the bowl of water so that only a small little of the scribble end is in the water. Do not submerge the pen scribbles! Check on the paper towels in an hour. What has taken place to the pen marks?

What you see happening on the paper towel strips is chromatography. The color

of the ink in markers is made by mixing different pigments together. A pigment is a substance that makes color, choose ink or dye. To make black, numerous pigments are mixed together. When the finish of the paper towel sexpedition is submerged in water the water soaks up via the paper towel. When the water passes with the black ink it takes the pigment colors with it. Some pigments dissolve in water much easier and also are pulled with the water farther up the paper. This is dubbed chromatography - separating the parts of a mixture so that you can see them one at a time. Babsence ink actually looks prefer a rainbow!

Now put up an experiment making use of different kinds of paper to view what happens. Try a file towel, a tissue, a square of toilet paper, and a item of printer paper. Cut them all the exact same size. How does the ink act the same? What carry out you check out that is different?

Or, set up an experiment through equally sized pieces of paper towels aacquire, but test different colors of markers. Try babsence, purple, blue, green, and red. Can you predict what colors consist of purple ink?

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