Going on vacation to Disney World? After every one of your job-related via choosing restaurants, securing rapid passes, making appointments, and also booking flights, packing your clothes is one of the easiest things to do!

Ok, we understand that packing for any vacation is not always the most basic. There are so many kind of considerations for what to carry on vacation. We are below to help you make the best garments decisions for your vacation to Walt Disney World!

Disney World is incredibly casual, so don’t worry as well much over your packing. That being shelp, having the correct attire is crucial for a comfortable day in the Disney parks. We will make this easy for you! First, let’s begin via the essentials for your Disney expedition. Tright here are points you must lug to Florida no issue what time of year you are going.

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What To Pack For Disney World – Essentials For Eincredibly Month

Comfortable Shoes

This is an absolute need, as you will certainly be doing most walking. In truth, you will certainly be walking an average of 8 miles per day at Disney. The finest shoes are ones that are comfortable walking shoes that are not brand also brand-new. We recommend sneakers or tennis shoes for your daily footwear. You will certainly desire to pick sneakers that will certainly save your feet cool in the time of the warm days and also will enable room for your feet to swell a small little bit through all the walking and also warmth.

Rain Jacket or Rain Poncho

Florida is known for pop up rain showers in the summer months and also rainy days throughout hurricane seachild. Due to the fact that Florida is a peninsula, rain is most likely to make an appearance in the time of your continue to be. Some periods are drier than others, but we carry out recommend bringing some sort of rain jacket and also having it on hand also in case the weather forecast all of a sudden changes throughout your continue to be. We have an entire short article dedicated to the ideal rain gear for your pilgrimage to Walt Disney World. It will help you make the finest decision for you and your family members.

Disney Graphic T-shirt

To us, this is an essential! Honestly, you should have one in your suitinstance. You are spending thousands of dollars on this vacation – don’t skimp out on this one! Make sure each perchild in your family has a Disney themed shirt for your vacation. We have a number of write-ups with our favorite Disney clothing: 22 of our favorite Disney shirts for the family9 Graphic Tees for Women9 Disney Villain ShirtsDisney clothes and also gear for teenagers and also tweensHaunted Mansion products

Sun Protection

Depending upon your sensitivity to the sunlight, this may suppose a baseround cap, a sunlight hat, a long sleeve sun protection shirt, or sunscreen.Sun protection is essential year round in tropical Florida.


No issue what time of year you go, lug your pjs! We love these for woguys.

Packing for Personal Preferences and Schedule

You will certainly want to store in mind your itinerary and individual choices as you setup your clothes for your vacation. A couple things to store in mind as you are making your packing list:

Do you gain cold in hotel rooms? Bring slippers or socks for your hotel room and cozy lounge clothing.Do you have dining reservations at a nicer restaurant? Make certain to lug proper garments, favor a dress or collared shirt.Do you setup on spfinishing time at Disney Springs? You may want to carry more “date” apparel.Are you attfinishing any distinct events at your rekind or the parks? Keep clothes attire for that event in mind.

What to Wear in Walt Disney World Eexceptionally Month

Ok allows jump right into seachild specific packing. We will be giving you an introduction of the type of clothing that you should arrangement on packing. Florida weather can adjust quickly and we recommfinish you checking the foreactors a day or 2 before you leave in situation you must make any kind of last minute enhancements to your packing list. (All temperatures noted listed below are in Fahrenheit.)

What to Wear to Walt Disney World in January

January weather in Orlanperform is comfortably cool. The high temperature is in the low 70s, while the low temperature is appropriate about 50. As far as apparel goes, think layers! You will certainly be cool in the morning while you wait for the rope to drop. As the evening goes on temperatures will certainly normally dip aobtain.

We certainly recommfinish having actually a backload via you in January as you will most likely want to take off one of your layers in the afternoon. Our favorite backload choices for Disney World are detailed here.

T-shirtsSeveral pairs of long pants or jeans

You will probably not be doing much swimming in January, however carry out examine the weather before you go in situation you have unseasonably warmth weather.


What to Wear to Walt Disney World in February

Weather in Orlancarry out in February is in the mid 70s for highs and also mid 50s for lows. Think “fall” weather. Similar to January, you must think in terms of layers.The weather will certainly begin to warmth up enough to make swimming an choice, particularly towards the end of the month.

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Several T-shirts, one tank topLong sleeve shirtsSweatshirts, fleece jacket, or cardigans for layeringSeveral pairs of pants or jeansA couple pairs of shortsSocksA swimsuit

What to Wear to Walt Disney World in March

Orlanexecute weather in March is lovely – highs are appropriate around 80 degrees and lows are roughly 60. The mornings and evenings can feel cool, however you will not need to worry too much around being cold. March has a tendency to have actually low humidity and also is mainly quite pleasant. We recommend packing:

Several t-shirts, one tank topA couple lengthy sleeve shirtsShorts or capri leggingsOne or two pairs of pants/jeans/leggingsA warm layer – sweatshirts, fleece, cardiganSocksSwimsuit

What to Wear to Walt Disney World in April

April is when points begin to warmth up in Florida. Highs are in the mid 80s and low temperatures are in the low to mid 60s. If you are not offered to warmth in April, it may feel warm to you. Keep this in mind as you are packing!

Consider packing lightweight garments in cooler fabrics. Stay ameans from heavy fabrics, such as denim shorts. We recommend packing:

T-shirts and also tank topsLightweight long sleeve sweatshirt or jacketOne or two lightweight long sleeve topsOne pair of pantsSandals or flip flopsSwimsuits

What to Wear to Walt Disney World in May

May can absolutely be taken into consideration warm. Temperatures in May average around 88 levels, and also overnight temps just drop dvery own to 70. The humidity is starting to climb and also it will certainly feel hot! When you are in the parks you will certainly be wearing summer clothing and also long sleeves are not crucial (unless you have actually dining appointments and tend to gain cool in air conditioning).

It is necessary to take into consideration the kind of fabric your clothes are made out of. If you are choosing to wear a Disney graphic tee, make certain it is made of breathable towel. You can discover cute, comfortable athletic or camping garments that will certainly be perfect for your Disney trip in summer! We recommfinish packing:

Tee shirtsTank topsShortsSandalsSwimsuitsLightweight lengthy sleeve for hotel or restaurantOne pair of pants/jeans/leggings

What to Wear to Disney World in June

June, the begin of summer! And it will certainly feel prefer summer in Orlancarry out. High temperatures are close to 90 and low temperatures are mid 70s. Humidity is certainly beginning to creep up. It WILL rain in the afternoons!

Our packing list for the summer months is short, because the goal is to remain cool. You carry out not need added clothes! When picking clothes, think breathable and also moisture wicking fabrics. It is worth the added price to pack a couple dri-fit shirts for each perkid in your group. We recommend packing:

T-shirtsTank topsShorts (or skorts, if you are not comfortable through shorts)Sandals or flip flopsSwimsuitsLightweight lengthy sleeve or pants for air conditioned spaces

Sandals at Walt Disney World

As we mentioned earlier, we recommend wearing sneakers while walking roughly the Disney Parks. That being said, many type of world perform opt for sandals for their day-to-day footwear. Sandals dry much faster have to you uncover yourself in the rain and also your feet will continue to be cooler. If you pick to wear sandals in the park we recommend selecting an athletic style sandal – you can watch a few of our recommended alternatives right here.


Crocs are an excellent combination between sandals and also shoes. Many kind of human being swear by this option! Crocs have fun Disney layouts easily accessible as well as churts for your croc clogs! The crocs brand also does have water resistant sneakers as well that are exceptionally comfortable.

What to wear to Disney World in July

July is HOT, arguably the hottest month of the year. You will certainly suffer temperatures around 90 in the day and also overnight temperatures will just dip to the mid 70s. It will certainly be humid. It will certainly rain. You can feel choose you are in a swamp. But you will be happy, bereason you are in Disney World and you lugged moisture wicking clothing! We recommfinish packing:

Brief sleeve t-shirtsTank topsShorts (or skorts, if you are not comfortable with shorts)Sandals or flip flopsSwimsuitsLightweight lengthy sleeve or pants for air conditioned spaces

What to wear to Walt Disney World in August

July and also August are the hottest months of the year in Orlanexecute. Temperatures in August are not much different from July – 90 for highs and also mid 70s for lows. August is hurricane seaboy, so it will rain and also perhaps be windy. 75% of all storms occur between August and also October, so be ready.

Again, less is more as much as clothes goes. Moisture wicking and cooling fabrics are your friend. We recommfinish packing:

T-shirtsTank topsShorts (or skorts, if you are not comfortable via shorts_SandalsSwimsuitsLightweight lengthy sleeve or pants for air conditioned spaces

What to Wear to Walt Disney World in September

September is just slightly cooler than July and also August. You will endure high 80s for daytime temps and also mid 70s for overnight lows. September is the month that most storms will certainly occur in Florida, so be prepared for warm AND humidity. We recommend packing:

Quick sleeve shirtsTank topsShorts or skortsSandals or flip flopsSwimsuitsLightweight lengthy sleeve or pants for air conditioned spaces

What to Wear to Walt Disney World in October

October is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and also the weather is not so scary as well. Temperatures are dvery own to mid 80s for highs and also low 70s overnight. October is still hurricane seaboy, but the chance of storms gets less the better right into the month you go. We recommfinish packing:

Short sleeve shirtsShorts or skortsSandals or flip flopSwimsuitsLightweight long sleeve shirt or pants for air conditioned spacesHalloween costume for the kids

What to wear to Walt Disney World in November

November marks the begin of the winter months! November weather brings cooler temperatures (for Florida!) and less of a opportunity of rain. Highs will be in the top 70s and also lows right roughly 60.

It is a little trickier packing for this kind of weather. You will as soon as aget desire to think about layers. We recommend packing:

Short sleeve shirtsShortsComfortable pants or leggingsLightweight long sleeve shirtHoodie or lightweight jacket to have via you in the parksSocksSandalsSwimsuitHat and also gloves if you are going late in November and also the foreactors is chilly

What to Wear to Walt Disney World in December

December is simply slightly warmer than January. You will uncover high temperatures to be in the low 70s and overnight temps to dip down right into the mid 50s. Layers are a must, and also you will certainly certainly want to think about being warmth. We recommfinish packing:

T-shirtsLong sleeve shirtsSweatshirts, fleece jacket, or cardigan for layeringSeveral pairs of pants or jeansOne or 2 pairs of shortsSocksHat and also Gloves – Bring something heat, yet you don’t require scurrently gear.Packable blanket (optional) – This is handy while waiting for and watching parades and also for sitting exterior while eating

Wearing the right clothing is not so a lot about being cute as it is about being comfortable so you can enjoy your time in the Magic Kingdom and your Walt Disney World Resort! Use your widespread feeling and our guide and you will certainly be just fine. Remember, you are in the happiest area on earth through your favorite people! YOu will certainly have actually a great time.

Of course, there are fairly a couple of other things we recommend you packing that are not garments. We have actually a whole list of things you should buy before your Disney Vacation here, as well as a list of what you should pack in your day bag. These are things such as water bottles, cell phone chargers, and also your own snacks. Finally, we have actually the Ultimate Disney Packing Guide, which consists of eextremely single point you need for your entire trip!

That’s it! Grab some paper and also a pen, make a list, and also you are ready to gain packing!