After your spray tan, you have to wear dark, loose cotton clothes that will cover your fresh tan to protect it. Outfits such as a dark cotton maxi dress, loose yoga pants, and a t-shirt or jammie pants, and a soft long-sleeved t-shirt. Never before wear tight tops or leggings after your spray tan as it deserve to rub and also note your fresh tan prior to it sets in.

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Feel free to pertained to your spray tan appointment in whatever before you have on.

If you are coming from job-related no difficulty at all. You deserve to readjust when you acquire to the studio right into whatever you would favor to wear in the time of your appointment to get sprayed in.

Throughout your spray tan appointment wear whatever before you are comfortable in!

I have clients who wear shorts and a tank top and I have actually clients that wear only a thong.

My just problem is that we are NOT making tan lines anywhere it’s going to display in your apparel or bapoint suit. Also that you feel comfortable while I am spraying you.

Do You Wear A Bra For A Spray Tan?

I mostly advise older/dark colored bra and also undies to gain sprayed in. Many of my clients go topless with a thong for spraying to make certain that they won’t have any type of lines that will show.

If you choose to wear a bra throughout your spray tan please make certain it is not your favorite brand brand-new white bra. Choose an older dark-colored one to wear throughout your spray tan. I would never before want to gain spray tan solution on something that you simply bought.

How undressed you get is entirely up to your comfort level.


Spray tan solution can stain particular fabrics such as nylon, leather, wool, and silk. Nylon is commonly in underclothing so please pick something you don’t care about. I perform try NOT to obtain spray tan solution on what you are wearing when I am spraying you but periodically tbelow will certainly be a tiny on the edges of your undies or bra.

What To Wear After A Spray Tan:

This part is EASY!! Dark, protective, loose cotton garments. LOOSE FITTING!!

Dark because we don’t desire to view any bronzer rub off onto your clothing.Protective to keep your tan safely spanned while it creates.Cotton so we make certain that if any type of bronzer does rub onto them it will certainly wash outLoose so you are not rubbing lines right into your fresh tan.

Can You Placed A Bra On After A Spray Tan

Wearing a bra after a spray tan have the right to reason rubbing and also dark spots where the elastic is pushing right into your skin. Mostly this is viewed around your ribcage and also on the shoulder straps.

Wearing a bra after your spray tan is NOT my favorite concept BUT I perform understand that sometimes we are not headed right residence and also feel the must be covered up a bit.

Plan ahead through a bandeau or strapless style bra that I deserve to help you hook gently so it won’t rub.

Please DON’T hook your bra in the front and spin it about sliding it over your fresh tan. This WILL smear your shade and make it uneven. If you absolutely must put your bra earlier on ask for assist and I have the right to hook the back for you.

Can You Wear Socks After A Spray Tan

I prefer that you are slipping right into a flip flop or a loose-fitting slipper form of shoe to go house in.

But a loosened fitting soft cotton sock is ok to put on after a spray tan such as the fleecy slouchy socks if its cold exterior.

No tight footie socks. They rub on the front of your ankle leading to a note in your tan.

No trouser socks. They are tight and have actually a snug band at the top leaving marks approximately your leg below the knee.

What To NEVER Wear After Your Spray Tan:

So I asked some of my spray tan artist friends what items of clothing make them cringe once a customer pulls them out of their bag to wear after their freshly used spray tan.

Here is what I got…..

Leggings–These are tight, they rub, they have seams that rub, they have tight waistbands that rub. Did I cite that they rub? Lululemon leggings are the worst through ALL the decorative seams and cutouts and also crisscross straps. Super cute however not excellent after a spray tan. Think lines ALL OVER your legs.


Bras–Regular bras, sporting activities bras, cute bras with 25 straps in the front and the earlier. These come through all sorts of troubles.

Rubbing over your tan while you are pulling it over your head. Sliding it dvery own your arms obtaining into it. Hooking it in the front, and then spinning it roughly to the ago.

Makes my eye twitch simply reasoning around it.


Tight Shorts or Pants–These can bedifficult to pull up over your booty, bring about you to drag your thumbs up the side of your leg while you are tugging your bottoms up producing a mess on your leg and also your hand also.

I don’t prefer shorts EVER after your spray tan.

Cover up those legs so they are defended and also you don’t stick to your automobile seats. This will certainly reason the earlier of your leg to be blotchy and also acquire spray tan solution on your car seats.


Tight Shirts and Tops–These have to be pulled down over your confront, rubbing and smooshing your hair into your tan.

Rubbing throughout your pretty tan confront through the awesome cheekbone contour that I just applied.

Or they have tight sleeves that pull and rub as soon as you are putting your arms via and smear your tan around your wrist and up your arm.


Jewelry–Apple Watches, fitbits, bracelets, necklaces. All of these deserve to rub lines right into your fresh tan and additionally obtain tanning solution onto your favorite digital wrist device.

I recognize you want to obtain all your procedures in however you are gonna have to be patient and also wait till after your first shower to put the Fitbit back on.

Boots, Pumps, Strappy Sandals–All of these have the right to rub lines right into your feet and about your ankles. Definitely not cute in the summer or prior to your beach vacation.

The fundamental design template here is that we DO NOT want you to put on any kind of article of garments that is going to rub your tan for the initially 10 hrs after your spray tan was applied.

We say these things bereason we love our clients and desire your tans to be exceptional and also smooth and also correctly contoured.

Please wait till after your first shower to wear the over items.

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What To Wear To Bed After A Spray Tan:

Jammie pants and a long sleeve t-shirt!!!

Many of my clients are coming in after college or occupational so bedtime is not that far off in the future so we must think about what is the ideal point to wear to bed after your fresh spray tan.

Before you hop right into bed, make certain you have some nice soft long jammie pants and also a lengthy sleeve cotton tee to put on.

This keeps your legs and arms covered up so that you don’t remainder your hands on your tan while you are sleeping causing the spray tan solution to move to the palms of your hands.


These are the perfect jammies to wear to bed after your spray tan.

Shop these soft cotton pajamas on Amazon

If you are worried around obtaining spray tan on your sheets you deserve to always put an old sheet dvery own or a towel for that initially night.

Spray tan solution does wash out of cotton so as long as the sheets are just cotton and also not a blend they will certainly wash. If you are not certain what your sheets are made out of then you will want to put on an older collection.

I don’t commonly watch spray tan solution rubbing onto sheets unless you tfinish to obtain sweaty at night.

As to the gaining sweaty at night situation: some people do and others don’t. Try difficult to not get sweaty if you deserve to aid it. Run the A/C or a fan. Wear lightweight cotton jammies.

I recognize that it is not constantly feasible to manage obtaining sweaty while sleeping. If you wake up in the AM and watch that tbelow is spray tan soaked onto your jammies and also the bronzer looks messed up on your skin please don’t panic. It is just the bronzer that is a tiny smooshed and after it is washed off in your shower all will certainly be fine.

So wear lengthy jammie pants and a long sleeved top to bed after your spray tan to safeguard your tan and also your sheets.

What To Wear After A Spray Tan In Winter:

If you live in a room that has a winter seaboy, the weather have the right to be extremely unpredictable. Here in the MidWest wright here I am, we joke that all the periods CAN and also DO generally happen in someday.

So it is best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario prior to you leave the house for your spray tanning appointment.

Yes, I do tons of tans in the winter. Getting a tiny glow deserve to help to brighten up your day and store your spirits up during the long days of winter.

A lengthy sleeved jacket with a hood to cover your challenge will defend you from the scurrently, sleet or rain since water in all its creates on your spray tanwill certainly cause polka dots.

Loose gloves may also be an excellent concept if the weather is incredibly negative or it is blowing out.

If tright here is snow or slush on the ground then a loose boot such as an UGG type will certainly defend your feet from the wetness.

What To Wear After A Spray Tan When It Rains:

Comparable to what to wear after your spray tan in the winter is what to wear when it is raining. You have to save your airbrush tan safeguarded from the water.

I would recommfinish that having actually an umbrella or rain poncho handy, keeping spanned up via a rain parka with a hood and also parking as close as possible are great spray tan tips for a rainy day.

How cute is this umbrella?!!!

Shop this umbrella on Amazon

What To Wear After A Spray Tan In The Spring/Summer:

This is the busiest time of the year for acquiring a spray tan. And it is likewise that time of year wbelow we are even more uncovered and even more skin is mirroring making any kind of messed up bits on your tan more visible.

Also, many kind of formal occasions such as prom and weddings are happening in the spring and summer which come with formal photography.

Keeping your tan in location as it creates is essential.

My favorite spray tan outfit for spring and summer is a soft cotton maxi dress. I recommfinish somepoint in a dark shade so you have the right to feel comfortable going without your bra, so there are no lines or marks in your tan. Add a cute scarf for some extra coverage and no one will certainly know.

Events To Spray Tan For:

Best Clothes To Wear After A Spray Tan:

So currently that you know the clothes rules, does that suppose that you need to wear your earliest, yuckiest, baggiest garments in public?

No, you don’t!

I am met with “no one ever sees me like this” and also “I can’t believe I am out in public choose this” eexceptionally day.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Tright here are plenty of really cute spray tan friendly tanning outfits that we have the right to put together for you to wear after your sunmuch less tan.

Clothes that you can go earlier to job-related in or also out for a bite to eat before heading home without feeling prefer you simply rolled out of bed and shouldn’t be viewed in public.

If we just follow the guidelines I explained over as soon as picking an appropriate spray tanning outfit you have the right to save your spray tan safeguarded and also be stylish at the exact same time.

So let’s gain started through a few selections of some cute clothing to wear after your spray tan and also why I choose these choices.

Spray Tanning Outfit:

Let’s begin with the perfect long dress to wear after your spray tan the babsence maxi dress!

Shop this long cotton maxi dress on Amazon

I love this dress for a number of reasons: It is loose and soft covering your legs protecting them from sticking to anypoint you may sit on. Tbelow are no bands roughly the arms or waist to rub your tan. The shoulders and also upper arms are covered through soft cloth so you will not stick to your car on the method residence. Your seatbelt will certainly not be directly on your skin. The neckline is a v-neck so quickly pulled over your head without touching your face. And tbelow are pockets. And I LOVE pockets. This dress does come in many colors. I would remain with among the darker ones so you don’t notice any type of bronzer rub off. You can go braless with a cute scarf added to the outfit.

This maxi dress has actually a small pattern to it that is fun and floaty and also is a little bit shorter.

Shop this dark patterned maxi dress on Amazon

This patterned maxi dress is a comparable style to the first one I confirmed you. With the deep v-neck for basic over the head dressing and also loose sleeves that cover the shoulder. It is a bit shorter while still extending the majority of of your leg. Perfect for after spray tan wear.

I LOVE this high low loose cotton tunic dress

Shop this High Low Loose Cotton Tunic Dress on Amazon

If you like a much shorter dress this style is perfect!! The longer back covers your legs as soon as sitting, while the front still shows off your pretty tan legs. It still has an open neckline for easy over the head and shoulders are covered for the seatbelt and also car ride residence.

If you prefer pants to pull on after your spray tan then these are the perfect pair

Shop these Drawstring Pull On Soft Pants on Amazon

Soft loose through an elastic and drawstring waistband is the perfect erected for comfy cute pants to slide on carefully over your fresh spray tan. No tight legs to rub. You won’t stick to the car or any type of furniture with every one of your skin extended.

Pair these pants with a soft t-shirt.

Shop this soft V-neck Tee on Amazon

Aget a soft V-neck silhouette is perfect for easy over the head dressing. Paired with the drawstring pants above or even a maxi skirt for a cute outfit. It won’t mess up your tan.

Add a fun scarf for a small added coverage in the front. No one will certainly ever recognize that you aren’t wearing a bra!

Spray Tan Onesie

For those of you that want an outfit that is specifically made to wear after your spray tan.

I current to you the spray tan onesie!!!

This is a action in zip-up one-item outfit. It has long sleeves and wide-leg pants to save your fresh spray tan defended and you all spanned up. I’m not sure that I would certainly wear this one out to dinner. But it does provide all the required protection for your tan while it is arising.

Shop the spray tan onesie on Amazon

Spray Tan Shoes

I always recommfinish a flip flop or a loosened slipper kind of shoe to wear after your spray tan. Unless it is snowing or raining and then I do desire those feet extended up via a loosened cotton sock to gain you house safely. Then you can go barefootin’

I hope this helped you decide what to wear as soon as you are gaining arranged for your spray tan appointment. And perhaps you can even pick somepoint that provides you feel cute to wear home!!!

As constantly if you are loving the outfit on the design in the photo head over to Blue Layne for all the adorable choices!!

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