What is Game of Thrones?

In the 4 years given that Video Game of Thrones premiered, phrases like "winter is coming" and also "valar morghulis" have gone into the Amerideserve to lexsymbol, leaving fans eager for the Sunday-night show complete of backstabbing, bloodletting, and also fiery dragons. The fifth season is presently mirroring on HBO. Whether you need a refresher on the insanity of the last three periods, or haven"t checked out a single episode and missed eincredibly battle, we"ve got you spanned. Read alengthy to prepare yourself for the Iron Throne.

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Joffrey Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne. (Courtesy of HBO) First, let"s look at the fight to insurance claim the Iron Throne occurring among the significant households of Westeros. The most important families to understand are the Baratheons, the Lannisters, and also the Starks. These are the families most connected in the fight for the Iron Throne.

As seaboy one began, the Baratheons and also Lannisters ruled together — King Robert Baratheon was married to Queen Cersei Lannister. But a trouble quickly occurred. It turned out that Cersei was having an affair via her twin brvarious other, Jaime Lannister — and also that every one of Robert"s expected kids, consisting of his heir, Joffrey, were actually fathered by Jaime. To keep this from becoming known, Cersei arranged Robert"s murder and crowned teenager Joffrey king. His army is comprised of Lannister forces, and also his lead adviser is his grandfather, Tywin Lannister — the true ruler of Westeros.

When word of Joffrey"s true parentage leaked out, Robert"s younger brother, Stannis Baratheon, chose that the throne truly belonged to him. Much of seakid two shown the war between Stannis and also the Lannisters, and also it finished via a Lannister victory. Stannis and the staying Baratheons then spfinish many of succeeding periods listening to a witch-prefer womale who reads their future in fire. This has actually somejust how failed to win them earlier the throne, so far.

Then there are the Starks, the beloved main characters whom viewers acquired to understand well in season one, before many of them were brutally murdered. Eddard (Ned for short) Stark offered as King Robert"s chief adviser in seachild one. He uncovered the reality around Joffrey"s parentage, yet shed his power battle via the Lannisters and also was publicly beheaded. Ned"s boy Robb increased up in rebellion and also waged war against the Lannisters in periods 2 and three. Though he won many kind of individual battles, the Lannisters preserved the upper hand also in the war.

At the finish of season three, Robb"s very own males betrayed him — he, his mother, Catelyn, and his pregnant wife, Talisa, were all killed. The Starks have now efficiently lost all their power, and the enduring Stark youngsters are scattered approximately the continent, either prisoners or in hiding.

Seaboy four began through Joffrey having actually consolidated his hold on the Iron Throne and also experimenting an emerging love with soon-to-be queen Margaery Tyrell. By the end of the season, though, Joffrey is dead, and also his younger brvarious other Tommales sits on the Throne (and also is about to wed Margaery). The Starks are even more separated, and also Stannis Baratheon is leading a charge to take over the Iron Throne with the north of Westeros.

The last Targaryen

At the start of season five, the show"s primary households are commonly spreview out. Stannis Baratheon is presently at the wall (which is at the absolute north of the western continent on this map) via Jon Snow.

What"s left of the Stark family members is spreview anywhere. Arya is in Braavos trying to ffinish for herself. Sansa is with Littlefinger; they are currently at the Vale of Arryn, which is appropriate below "the Fingers" on this map.

The Lannisters are also divided. Tommen Baratheon (kid of Cersei) sits on the Throne and is engaged to Margaery Tyrell. Cersei and also Jaime are still in King"s Landing tending to the kingdom; Tywin is dead after Tyrion swarm him in the chest. And the last we observed Tyrion, he was boarding a ship, presumably to the east.

(Initial maps courtesy of HBO)

Daenerys Targaryen has conquered a number of cities on the eastern continent in her search to sit on the Iron Throne. She is presently in the city of Meereen, which is the city at the incredibly southern of this map, much to the east. As you deserve to check out, she still has a lengthy means to go to return to Westeros.

Who are the main personalities in Video Game of Thrones?

New fans of Game of Thrones often comordinary around the massive number of personalities to store directly. While it"s true that the display has numerous characters, tright here are just a few that truly issue. Many of the personalities on the show are so supplementary that many type of viewers do not also understand their names.

Even through all of those characters rerelocated, but, tright here are also many kind of to list on a single web page. We will certainly break them down by houses over a series of cards. The list includes:

The StarksThe LannistersThe BaratheonsThe TyrellsThe GreyjoysThe Targaryens

Who are the Starks?

Image courtesy of HBO

Robert Baratheon

The late king of Westeros was a vital character on the display in the initially seakid. He led the rebellion that deposed the Targaryen dynasty, yet spent the majority of of his reign drinking and also resting through whores. He was married to Cersei. Robert dies in seakid one while on a hunting expedition. He was played by Mark Addy.

Who are the Tyrells?

(Image courtesy of HBO)

Loras Tyrell

Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones) is the brvarious other of Margaery Tyrell and also a expert jouster and swordsmale. His case to fame is beating Jaime Lannister in a jousting tournament. Loras was the close frifinish and lover of Margaery"s initially husband, Renly Baratheon, prior to Renly died. Loras is currently involved to Cersei Lannister, however that marriage appears unlikely to take place.

(Image courtesy of HBO)

Olena Tyrell

Olena Tyrell (Diana Rigg) is the elderly matriarch of House Tyrell and a true master of manipulation. She"s intended to appear aobtain in seaboy 5.

Anvarious other Tyrell worth learning is patriarch Mace Tyrell, played on the series by Roger Ashton-Griffiths.

Who are the Greyjoys?

Littlefinger via Ned Stark in seachild one. (Courtesy of HBO)

Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)

Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillen) owns a brothel in King"s Landing and seems to be connected to absolutely everyone. He has actually a massive spy network-related that keeps him updated on every little thing going on in the city and the realm. He marries Lysa Arryn in seachild 4, then promptly murders her, which leaves him in charge of her kid and Sansa Stark, who travels via him.

(Image courtesy of HBO)


The ultimate spy of King"s Landing, Varys (Conleth Hill) often trades indevelopment through Littlefinger. A quiet and manipulative visibility, he serves the monarchs of the Seven Kingdoms until the very finish of seachild 4, when he helps Tyrion Lannister escape Westeros after Tyrion murders Tywin.

(Courtesy of HBO)

And this one for Housage Targaryen:

(Courtesy of HBO)

What"s going on in Video Game of Thrones besides all the fighting?

Video Game of Thrones centers on the violence of war, and it have to not be watched by those through weak stomachs. But it"s not all around death in the world of Westeros. Love and also sex fill the display, too. Marriage plays a large political and emotional role in Game of Thrones and also provides many type of a plot twist.

Tommen Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell. (Screenshot from the show)

Tomguys Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell

Heading right into seakid five, this is the coupling to watch. After Joffrey"s fatality, Margaery became engaged to Tommen. She seduced him, hoping to drive a wedge in between him and also his mom.

What superherbal creatures are in Video Game of Thrones?


A White Walker charges right into battle. (Screenshot from the show)

The White Walkers are an otherworldly group of ice creatures preparing to strike Westeros from the far north. They have the capacity to reanimate human corpses. Most personalities on the show are unmindful that they also exist and also think they are creatures of myth. Only the Night"s Watch and the wildlings have actually encountered them so much.

Bran Stark has actually had magical desires in which he"s watched a stselection three-eyed raven. The true meaning of this vision isn"t yet recognized — except to those who"ve check out the publications.

The various other important creatures in the series so far are Daenerys Targaryen"s three dragons. She obtained the eggs as a wedding gift, and also when she brought them right into her husband"s funeral pyre, they hatched right into baby dragons. The first Targaryen king to dominate Westeros had dragons on his side, so the beasts are a considerable advantage for Dany.

Wbelow perform things stand also at the start of season 5 for the major characters?

At the beginning of seachild 5, the Lannisters still rule most of Westeros. Tommales is presently the king of Westeros and engaged to marry Margaery. His mommy, Cersei, is involved to marry Margaery"s brvarious other, Loras, so that the Lannisters deserve to maintain regulate over the southern, wbelow the Tyrells host sway. Now that Tywin is dead, it appears unmost likely this marital relationship will actually take place. Tyrion is stowed away on a ship after fleeing Westeros after killing his father.

For the Stark family members, things are looking grim. No one in the family holds any kind of genuine power at present. Sansa was married to Tyrion against her will, and then divorced. She has actually given that been at the Vale through Littlefinger. With a lot of of her family members dead, Arya has actually boarded a ship across the Narrow Sea. Bran has actually gone north of the wall to attempt to uncover the resource of his magical visions. Jon Scurrently is still at the wall.

Daenerys Targaryen has been releasing servants on the continent of Essos. She now has actually a sizable army and also 3 dragons that are flourishing ever bigger.

Stannis Baratheon has actually left his island stronghold and amassed a reasonably big army. At the end of seachild 4, he showed up north of the wall to aid the Night"s Watch in its fight versus the wildlings. He is still accompanied by the "Red Womale," Melisandre.

Will the show catch up through Martin’s story? How many type of even more periods deserve to I expect?

The initially 2 seasons of HBO"s Game of Thrones each extended a solitary book in the Song of Ice and also Fire series. As the plot became more complex, the series authors started moving pieces from various other books into the story in order to preserve the pace of the present. The third seakid covered roughly two-thirds of George R. R. Martin"s 3rd book, A Storm of Swords, and also the fourth season spanned the rest of the book, while additionally bringing in product from the fourth and also fifth novels.

At this point, the TV display has actually virtually recorded approximately Martin and is easily relocating with the material in the already-publimelted publications 4 and 5.

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Showrunners David Benioff and also Dan Weiss have stated that they are planning for the show to run seven seasons. Because Martin has actually actually told Benioff and also Weiss how he plans to finish the series, it seems feasible that if he doesn"t create the final books quickly enough, the TV series could expose his finishing initially. If the show is renewed for salso full periods, as many suppose, that seventh seakid would certainly likely air in 2017.