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Claude Monet Claude Monet was a founder of the French Impressionist activity of paint, a name acquired from among his paints, Impression, Sunrise.
All these answers are correct:individual art outsider art intuitive art All these terms involve art created by people with no formal training in art procedures and also are self-taught. Each term is associated via different ideologies to the art object varying from utilitarian to unconventional; art that is outside of the mainstream art world.
were felt to carry out pleacertain Philosophers thought the character of pleacertain was intellectual and the viewer’s gaze upon an object is to take pleasure in what he or she was seeing.
________ is the name for a traditional subject in Christian art, that of Mary, the mommy of Jesus, holding her child after he was taken down from the cross.
Pietà Pieta method “pity” in Italian, and explains the emotional connotation of the picture in regard to the religious iconography.
installation Installation art forms involve a space presented as a occupational of art that have the right to be gone into, experienced, explored, and reflected upon.
art and also nature Themes administer a framework for exploring how facility a kind of expression or subject can be
Whereas the Christian image by Cimabue depicts the main number surrounded by angels, the Buddhist image in this chapter shows the central number surrounded by
the battle of a civilian population Picasso’s reaction to the horror of this occurrence impelled him to paint Guernica illustrating the horrors of the war.
The range of ________’s job-related renders him challenging to categorize. In addition to paintings, prints, and combination pieces, he has done substantial collection and costume design for Merce Cunningham and others, and graphic design for magazines and publications.
Robert Rauschenberg Rauschenberg’s art liquified limits in between media, art and non-art, and also art and life. He decided to “ennoble the ordinary”.

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