Are you an avid stargazer? If so, you probably want to understand as soon as you can see not just the stars but the visible planets in our Solar System as well. These are occasionally referred to as the “naked-eye planets,” bereason you have the right to view them with the naked eye—no telescope or binoculars needed (other than for Neptune!). This handy guide offers you the dates for as soon as you can check out the planets throughout the year. This is one web page you’ll desire to bookmark!

When You Can See The Planets in 2021



Sarotate is the sixth earth from the Sun, and the second biggest, after Jupiter. It is one of the 5 planets visible from Earth making use of only the naked-eye (the others are Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter). Though remote from the Planet, Saturn’s distinct ring device provides it possibly the the majority of instantly recognized earth in our Solar System.Though around 833 Earths would fit right into Sarevolve, the planet’s density is only one-eighth that of the Planet, making Saturn’s mass barely 95 times better than the Earth’s.

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The renowned rings are just visible in a telescope. They were at their maximum tilt toward Planet in October 2017 and are currently cshedding to our line of sight. All via 2021, Saturn will certainly found within the boundaries of Capricornus the Sea Goat.

Saturn is at opplace to the Sun on August 2.

When Is Sarotate Visible in 2021?MorningsJanuary 24 to August 1 (Best seen: February 10 to August 1)EveningsJanuary 1 to January 23 (Best seen: January 1 to 6)August 2 to December 31 (Brightest in 2021: August 1 to August 4.)

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Uranus (pronounced “EUR-an-iss) is the 7th planet from the Sun, the smallest of our Solar System’s gas planets, and also the initially to be uncovered by researchers. Uranus is so far away from us, it usually can’t even be watched via the naked eye. the earth is also notable for its dramatic tilt, which causes its axis to point practically directly at the Sun. It’s sometimes referred to as “The Bull’s Eye Planet,” bereason of its facility rings and Moons make it appear choose a bull’s eye, and the “Ice Giant,” because of its cold atmosphere, and also 80% or more of its mass is consisted of of a mix of water, methane, and also ammonia ices.

Uranus can be glimpsed as a naked-eye object by human being that areblessed via good eyesight and a clear, dark skies, as well as a forehand knowledge of specifically wbelow to look for it. It shines at magnitude +5.7 and deserve to beconveniently figured out through great binoculars. A small telescope may disclose its tiny, greenish disk. Uranus spends all of 2021 in the constellation of Aries the Ram.

When Is Uranus Visible in 2021?MorningsApril 30 to November 3 (Best viewed: May 16 to November 3)EveningsJanuary 1 to April 29 (Best viewed: January 1 to April 12)November 4 to December 31

Brightest in 2021: August 28 to December 31. Uranus will certainly arrive at opplace to the Sun on November 4.

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Neptune is the eighth, and farthest world in our Solar System and also the initially whose existence was theorized before its actual discovery. Like Jupiter, Sarotate, and also Uranus, Neptune is called a “gas giant” bereason, though it looks solid, it is comprised mainly of gases, such as hydrogen and helium, extending a rocky core consisted of of heavier elements. Neptune has 13 moons and also takes 165 years to take 1 trip roughly the Sun!

It’s sometimes dubbed “The Blue Planet,” bereason Neptune’s cloud cover has a particularly vivid blue color. Astronomers aren’t rather sure what compound reasons the blue color and also theorize it may the outcome of the absorption of red light by methane in the planets mainly hydrogen-helium atmosphere.

Neptune spends every one of 2021 in the constellation of Aquarius the Water Carrier. At a optimal magnitude of +7.8, this bluish-hued world is only visible through great binoculars or a telescope.

When Is Neptune Visible in 2021?MorningsMarch 27 with September 13EveningsJanuary 1 through February 23September 14 to December 31

Brightest in 2021: July 19 to November 8. Opposition is on September 14.

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Please note all the images of the planets illustrated in this story are stock photography/artist’s renderings and not actual photographs.