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Reince Priebus
Basic facts
Organization:Michael Best & Friedrich
Role:President and also chief strategist for government affairs
Location:Miilwaukee, Wis.

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Education:•College of Wisconsin-Whitewater•College of Miami School of Law
Prior Experience

1 Early career2 Republideserve to Party2.2 Republihave the right to National Committee3 Donald Trump presidential administration4 Post-White Housage career

Reinhold "Reince" Ricdifficult Priebus is a Republican political operative. As of January 2020, he was president and also chief strategist for the government affairs group at Michael Best & Friedwealthy, his previous regulation firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as well as a political analyst for CBS News.<1><2> From January to July 2017, he was the chief of staff for Donald Trump. He was favored to serve in that place on November 13, 2016.<3><4> Previously, Priebus was chair of the Republideserve to National Committee (RNC), having actually been chosen to 3 terms beginning in 2011. Prior to his leadership in the RNC, Priebus offered as the chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Early career

Early career and also legislation career

Reince Priebus offered as the student body president of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He graduated in 1994 with a bachelor"s degree in English and also political science. Following graduation, Priebus operated as a committee clerk for the Wisconsin State Assembly Education Committee. He later on attfinished the University of Miami School of Law and also graduated cum laude in 1998. While in legislation school, Priebus offered as president of the Student Bar Association.<5><6>

Priebus joined the legislation firm of Michael Best & Friedaffluent in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He served as co-chair of the firm"s federal government and also public plan group and also ended up being a partner in the firm"s litigation and corporate exercise team. In November 2011, once he came to be chair of the Republideserve to National Committee, Priebus went on leave from the law firm.<5><6>

Wisconsin State Senate campaign, 2004

In 2004, Priebus uneffectively challenged Democratic State Sen. Robert Wirch for a seat to reexisting Wisconsin State Senate District 22. He went on to work-related as campaign manager throughout Michael Steele"s successful 2009 project for chair of the Republihave the right to National Committee (RNC). That very same year, Priebus came to be general counsel of the RNC. He resigned as RNC general counsel in December 2010 in order to launch his own project for RNC chair.<5>

Republideserve to Party

Republican Party activity

Priebus started functioning as a volunteer on Republihave the right to political projects at the age of 16. He later on became chair of the 1st Congressional District for the Republihave the right to Party of Wisconsin (Wisconsin GOP), beginning his career in the party"s leadership ranks. He offered as state party treasurer and initially vice chair prior to winning election to the state party chairmanship in 2007. At age 35, Priebus was the youngest chair in the Wisconsin GOP"s background. During his tenure as party chair, the Wisconsin GOP regot regulate of both chambers of the Wisconsin State Legislature, the governor"s office, 2 additional congressional seats, and also a UNITED STATE Senate seat.<5><7>

Republican National Committee

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Priebus was chosen chair of the RNC on January 14, 2011. Throughout his first term as chair, Priebus prioritized paying dvery own the RNC"s debt. The Associated Press reported that "Priebus took the task via $23 million in debt and also cut a third of the staff he inherited from his predecessor." In July 2011, Roll Call reported that the RNC"s debt had actually been lessened by $7.5 million given that January of that year, attributing the change to Preibus" efforts "to gain back the RNC’s photo — particularly in the eyes of significant donors."<8> Priebus also increased grassroots outreach and also overhauled the party"s campaign data operations in his initially term.

He was re-chosen to a second term on January 25, 2013. Under Priebus" leadership, Republicans gained majority status in the U.S. Senate and kept a bulk in the UNITED STATE House of Representatives throughout the 2014 midterm elections. He was re-elected to a 3rd term on January 16, 2015, making him the longest-serving RNC chair throughout a Democratic presidency.<7><9><10><11>

2016 presidential election

Following Donald Trump"s victory in the Indiana main on May 3, 2016, Priebus referred to as for the Republican Party to unite behind Trump as the party"s tentative 2016 presidential nominee. The night of the primary, Priebus tweeted, "
HillaryClinton #NeverClinton."<12> In an intersee with CNN, Priebus recognized that though Trump"s rise was unanticipated, the party was "going to get behind the presumptive nominee." He later told Politico, "I honestly think understands that structure and also unifying and prospering the party is the only method we’re going to win."<13><14>

Donald Trump presidential administration

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On November 13, 2016, he was chosen as chief of staff for Donald Trump"s presidential management.<3> According to The Atlantic, Priebus "leads the factivity of Trump aides that is written of proficient establishment political hands."<15>

Early role

According to a May 2017 short article in The New York Times, Priebus" early duty in the Trump administration was to streamline the agenda for each day and also to minimize the variety of human being that spoke via Trump on concerns. The paper reported:<16>

Mr. Priebus is increasingly concentrated on big-picture issues choose enhancing the "interagency" process linking the West Wing to the federal bureaucracy. He has actually likewise tried to alleviate what he calls inputs — the variety of human being talking to the president each day — to 20 or so from about 50, and also to keep Mr. Trump to a tighter schedule via short, agenda-pushed meetings. ... That involves trying to cut the number of Oval Office meeting attendees from 15 to eight or fewer, according to an aide.<17>

Repursuit that FBI talk about Russia investigations, February 2017

In February 2017, Priebus requested that the FBI refute media reports around interactions between Trump campaign members and also members of the Russian federal government. According to CNN, Priebus twice asked then-Deputy FBI Director Anattracted McCabe to publicly stop through reporters to problem a item in The New York Times that alleged contact in between the project and Russian officials. Priebus himself refuted the story, saying, "I deserve to ascertain you and I have actually been apconfirmed to say this -- that the peak levels of the intelligence neighborhood have assured me that that story is not only inspecific, but it"s grossly overproclaimed and it was wrong. And there"s nothing to it."<18>

Healthtreatment legislation, 2017

In March and also April of 2017, Priebus was the main line of communication between the House of Representatives and the White Housage as they worked on composing law to repeal the Affordable Care Act. An aide to House Republicans told CNN, "Priebus had really made the push to gain the vote. To acquire this done. Just in terms of the political side -- the political win."<19> According to The New York Times, Trump blamed Priebus for an initial cancellation of a Housage vote on healthcare. The paper reported, "He told aides that he believed the damaging loss had led to no tiny part from Mr. Priebus’s too-rosy vote-count predictions and also his too-cozy relationship through Speaker Paul D. Ryan, a fellow Wisconsinite."<16>

Replacement as chief of staff

On July 28, 2017, Trump announced on Twitter that John Kelly would relocation Priebus as chief of staff.<4>

Post-White House career

Rerevolve to law practice

On October 24, 2017, Priebus announced that he would certainly return to Michael Best & Friedwealthy, his previous regulation firm in Milwaukee, as president and chief strategist for the firm"s government affairs team. Priebus shelp he did not intfinish to register as a lobbyist or reexisting international governments in his duty. According to Politico, Priebus had additionally signed via the Washington Speakers Bureau to offer passist speeches on Washington and also the Trump management ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.<1>

2018 major involvement

Priebus backed Wisconsin state Sen. Leah Vukmir over Naval Corps veteran Kevin Nicholkid in the Republideserve to race to difficulty UNITED STATE Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.).

Priebus chaired the Wisconsin Republideserve to Party from 2007 to 2011 when Vukmir remained in the state legislature, and Priebus and also Gov. Scott Walker led a Republican revival in the state. Priebus said Vukmir "was tright here eincredibly step of the way structure what we constructed in Wisconsin. She deserves credit however she"s extremely qualified and without question the ideal choice for U.S. Senate."

Political news commentary

On January 22, 2020, CBS News announced that the network-related hired Priebus as a political analyst.

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The Milwaukee Company Journal named Priebus to the publication"s "40 under 40" list in 2008. The complying with year, Priebus was recognized as a "Rising Star" by Super Lawyers magazine. TIME magazine later on called Priebus to the 2016 "100 Many Influential People" list as a result of his function as chair of the Republideserve to National Committee.<6><20><21>