Hidden Nuggets Series #79 – “See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise.” – Ephesians 5:15

(This bonus Hidden Nuggets article is dedicated to my kids. May you constantly make good decisions.)

Have you ever before remained in a challenging case and also wondered how to make an excellent decision? Silly question I know. Who hasn’t remained in a tough spot like that?

We challenge decisions eincredibly day – little and huge. Some are regimen and also have actually bit to no affect on our resides. Others weigh hefty on our minds, bring about us to lose sleep at night. Decisions can chart the course of our present and define our course for the next 10 years.

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Whether they are in the minute decisions or ones that take time to think through, it is tough to recognize just how to make an excellent decision. How execute you enter the decision making process – blindly or through your eyes wide open? What do you draw on to assist you make an excellent decision, one that will certainly be profitable for your future?

I’ve frequently assumed my decisions were pretty excellent, also though tright here have been some I regret. My massive problem is getting to the best decision easily sufficient. I typically take a lengthy time to pertained to a conclusion on weighty matters. Sometimes that frustprices me. At times I’ve missed the opportunity completely because of my procrasticountry.

What if there was layout that could teach you how to make a good decision? What if you can obtain instant clarity in some situations on whether to move in a direction? Would that be worth it?

I’ve found such a layout and it all rests in one wide question and 3 deeper inquiries you have to ask.

Our Problem in Making Good Decisions

One difficulty we confront is frequently making decisions based on concerns that just focus on the broadest or a lot of widely applicable need – that being, “Is it ethically wrong?” When making decisions we ask inquiries like:

“Is tbelow anything wrong via it?”

“Can I obtain away with it?”

“Is this legal?”

We assume that if tright here is nopoint ethically or legally wrong via a decision then it’s OK to relocate in that direction.

Tbelow is nopoint legally wrong through taking a greater paying job or making that company deal. We deserve to move to another state via ease and even discover a handful where drug use is even legal. Dating someone that has different religious ideas than you is legally acceptable. So is letting your teenage child hold an all night party while you are out of tvery own.

OK…that last one may never before be a good decision. But you get the point.

Granted, in many kind of instances we are just trying to gain ahead in life. However before, in others the “can-I-get-away-with-it” mindset leads us to press the envelope. We get as cshed to the line as feasible without stepping right into the peril zone.

This is the not the appropriate technique in just how to make an excellent decision.

The Inquiry That Brings Clarity in Decisions

Tright here is one question that requirements to be asked as soon as figuring out exactly how to make a good decision and also it’s this…

“What is the wise point to do?”

It’s not an earth-smashing question however for me, as a Christian, it really hits home. That’s because of verses in the Bible prefer this one that talk about the prominence of wisdom:

“See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools however as wise,

redeeming the moment, because the days are evil.

Because of this execute not be unwise, but understand also what the will of the Lord is.” – Ephesians 5:15-17

As a folreduced of God I want wisdom to define my life. So asking the “What is the wise thing to do?” question is a natural outpouring of somepoint I’m already trying to accomplish.

But whether you are spiritual or not the question is still valid.

You respond to life decisions based upon whatever before worldwatch you hold. And no issue the worldview, we all want to make great decisions. So it have the right to and must still be asked — it’s not an specifically spiritual principle.

What makes this question so effective is what it does. When we ask “What is the wise point to do?” we finish up:

…being much less emotional about the decision

…being much less concentrated on relationship issues

…being much less controlled by our own selfishness and also greed

…being less able to rationalize our decision.

Those are all concerns I’ve challenged in the decision making procedure. The question is worth asking simply to diminish those problems.

Digging Deeper With the Question

“What is the wise thing to do?” is as well wide and bland of a question though. It really is only the founding allude. To really obtain clarity on making excellent decisions we need to dig deeper with the question and look at it from 3 different angles.

The initially angle is this:

“In light of my previous experience, what is the wise thing to do?”

Tell me around your past decisions? Do you have actually a track record of taking threats and then falling level on your face? What decisions or life cases have actually shaped that you are or where you are at today?

This angle causes us to evaluate our previous. We acquire the majority of wisdom from analyzing what we did best or what we did wrong. That information can then be offered to carry clarity to the current decision we are trying to make.

The crucial right here is to only analyze OUR past. This is about us. We are not asking, “What have actually others done?” We need to emphasis on our background to stop comparing ourselves with others.

The second deeper question to ask is…

“In light of my existing circumstances, what is the wise thing to do?”

What are you going through right now? What existing scenarios might adjust or alter this decision? Is this the appropriate time to be making this decision?

Timing is a big deal. We’ve all had actually a deal cross our desk and also were frustrated and confused because the timing wasn’t appropriate. In some situations we waited on it. In others we pumelted ahead because it was simply also great a deal to pass up.

The truth is you can constantly pass up a deal if it doesn’t fit via your current life instance.

This is especially true as it relates to our emotions. Are you able to make great decisions once you are angry, sad, depressed, or bitter? I’m not. Good decisions don’t circulation straight from emotional pain till we’ve faced the pain on some level.

The final consideration to ask is…

“In light of my future hopes and also desires, what is the wise point to do?”

What plans execute you have actually for your life? Is there a personal mission statement guiding your eincredibly move?

Our difficulty is that we frequently make innocent or bad decisions that undermine the progress towards our declared purposes. We handcuff ourselves by not making decisions that facilitate what we desire to end up being. It’s not intentional, because really – who desires to sabotage their own dreams?

But bereason we haven’t asked the ideal inquiries that is regularly what happens. We never before reach our preferred future bereason of unwise decisions in the current.

How to Make a Good Decision Final Steps

Aacquire the three clarifying concerns to ask are:

“In light of my past endure, what is the wise point to do?”

“In light of my current circumstances, what is the wise point to do?”

“In light of my future wishes and desires, what is the wise point to do?”

Our greatest regrets stem from and also link earlier to an unwise decision. Asked together as a whole, these inquiries recurrent the structure for making a great decision. However before, they will only boost your decision making procedure if you practice these 2 things as soon as asking them:

Be hoswarm with your answers and…Follow via – based on those answers.

You could work-related via this entire procedure and also pertained to the wrong conclusion because you didn’t answer the questions honestly. Or you might have been hoswarm however lack the courage to follow via or simply refusage to follow via based on your conclusions.

Whatever worries you are facing this theme will certainly teach you just how to make a good decision. Will it be possible to make a good decision every time? Maybe not. But we will absolutely gain closer to that note the even more we spend processing it in this way.

And that knows…after years of engaging in this process probably every one of your decisions will be great ones.

And now it’s time to provide crmodify wright here credit is due.


You might have noticed previously I stated that I couldn’t take crmodify for these inquiries. While I have actually exercised them at some level in my life, I’ve never before before had them plainly identified in my mind this way. That is till last year when I review the book Ask It by Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Community Church close to Atlanta. As the subtitle of the book says, “What is the wise point to do?” is THE question that will revolutionize just how you make decisions.

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Of course Andy goes a lot deeper in his explanation of these concepts. I’d very recommend the book for someone who desires to understand also the ethics of making great decisions better and check out how this question have the right to be applied to particular life instances prefer money, relationships, careers, and so on.

Questions: What execute you think about the wide question and also it’s three clarifying brothers and also sister questions? How carry out make a great decision? Do you check out any type of problems through making decisions this way? What decision execute you regret and wish you can execute over again?

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