My paladin is certainly going to die within the next session or 2, so I'm prerolling a new character. I want somepoint basically various than a paladin. My just issue is I'm the party confront, and I'd choose to save it that way. Any assist would certainly be appreciated!


How around trying druid? A druid isn’t a frontliner by any type of indicates if you don’t pick moon, and also the high wisdom forced have the right to make you the party’s voice of reason. You deserve to still feature as a confront if you invest in charisma because of your capability to talk to animals and wildshape enables you to settle troubles in a means no other class have the right to.

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Plus, the spells are a ton of fun. One point to keep in mind is that each druid subclass is so different from it’s countercomponents that they practically function choose entirely various classes.

Not a negative principle. What kind of construct would you recommend? I recognize nopoint of Druids other than Moon Druid.

What perform you suppose "fundamentally different"? Is there something you'd favor your character to have the ability to carry out, or not have the ability to do?

Since paladins are front liners, I want the new male to remain in the earlier as far from the adversaries as possible

Lets just list off some other charisma associated classes/subclasses

sorcerer - simple ol spellcaster, more blasty

warlock - limited spell slots, recharge on brief rest

bard - another spellcaster, more utility/supportive spells. A couple subclasses usage tools. Gets expertise

swashbuckler rogue - charisma is additional, slip in/out of melee easily. Gets expertise

In my mind, bard (Lore or Whispers) is pretty far from a paladin, and it could still operate as the party challenge. You deserve to focus on support/healing. And let's be hoswarm, Vicious Mockery is just fun to cast.

Swashbuckler Rogue.

Go from fighting the honorable way to fighting the dishonorable method in 1 easy action.

You desire to still be the face,however be the opposite of a tanky, front line, damage dealer.

Glamour bard is generally a backline squishy assistance caster, that's around as opposite-but-still-challenge as you deserve to get

I'd say the Assassin rogue is the oppowebsite of a paladin, especially if sassist rogue uses ranged weapons.

If you go by the old 4e classifications, paladins are leaders and defenders. Using the same frame, you'll desire to build a controller striker for the opposite end of points.

IMO you'll have actually lots of fun playing a chaotic Wizard via a mix of control and also blast spells.

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What about a Sword Bard who supplies a bow? You are still CHA concentrated, yet now you are more of a backline support via some semi-smites in your flourishes, which work-related RAW by ranged attacks? This could likewise work-related through a Shadow Bard or an Arcane Archer fighter, both of which have Psychic Blades and Arcane Shots for smite prefer abilities.

I was reasoning various in a RP feeling, lawful good paladin vs chaotic neutral hexblade. Rogue have the right to be the party face