He describes Hamlet’s actions through Ophelia’s dialogue, thereby tying up loose ends in the plot.

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Thanks to this excerpt, the reader is able to visualize an essential case in between 2 personalities in a particular point in the story.

Ophelia"s horrified reactivity to her encounter via Hamlet permitted for a very in-depth and also instrumental description of Hamlet"s actions and also his then present state of mind, which might have been perceived as a loose end by the reader.

He explains Hamlet"s actions with Ophelia"s dialogue, thereby tying up loose ends in the plot.

Explanation: With this dialogue in which Ophelia describes her initially sighting of Hamlet"s bizarre behavior, Shakespeare introduces this change and developments the plot without the need for the actual scene to take area.

The correct answer is B, "he introduces the problem between Ophelia and also Hamlet, thereby including suspense and advancing the plot."

Ophelia tells Polonius that Hamlet"s behavior is strange, she defines what Hamlet did and also the means he shooked her. She was terrified.

Ophelia tells her father what happens.

Hamlet tried to convince the court that he is crazy and if Polonius thought so, it have the right to help to his cause.

Previously, Ophelia had actually been instructed by Polonius to stopped answer Hamlet"s letters.

The correct answer is B. He introduces the problem between Ophelia and also Hamlet, thereby including suspense and progressing the plot.

In this excerpt Shakespeare has defined a disturbing scene between Ophelia and Hamlet and also has svery own the seeds of what could possibly build between the personalities, to the personalities and in the story.



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