A male at job-related is 6 foot 5 and also we were wondering if he officially qualifies as a large.We’re in the UK (if that provides any difference).

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It is relative to what you would think about abnormally big. Define your parameters for abnormal.

If just 9% of the population is 6’5" or taller, is that ‘abnormal’ ? Probably not.

Medical definitions of abnormal would certainly more than likely adress folks in a very tiny portion of the population. Well over 7’ would be approaching ‘abnormal’.

Seeing as exactly how on a great day (via shoes on) I am 6’4, I’d hate to think that I qualify as a huge. I’d say over 7’6 … You know, males prefer Manute Bol.

Or probably Tall is simply 15 inches taller than you are. Theres a quote somewright here near tbelow.

I can’t soptimal for anyone else, however we don’t feel huge… Yes we might need to duck to enter a doorway here and also tright here, but we have actually lived with our body for our whole life (Isn’t that convient?) so we don’t “see” our self as expensive. It’s kinda like it looses its impact after you check out “you” day in and day out.

I just did some googleing… Goliath was everywhere from 9-10.5 feet tall. I think we have actually a methods to go still.

From here.

Gigantism (from Greek gigas, gigantos “giant”) is a condition characterised by too much height development. Gigantism (or giantism) is not a presently used clinical term and there is no precise meaning of the level of tallness which qualifies a perkid to be termed a “gigantic.” The term has been typically used to those whose elevation is not just in the top 1% of the populaton however a number of standard deviations over intend for persons of the very same sex, age, and ethnic ancestry. Typical adult heights of Americans and Europeans to whom the term could be applied are 7.5 to 8.5 feet (216-259 cm), although the term is seldom used to basketball players and those whose heights appear to be the healthy and balanced outcome of normal genetics and nutrition.

So the answer is 7’6".


I carry out time out entertainment for the Orlanperform Magic (NBA). As a perboy that consistently sees skilled basketsphere players, a perboy of 6’5" isn’t even cshed to huge. I’ve stood close enough to Yao Ming to find that my head hardly reaches his hip. He’s astronomical, also by NBA avereras. I’m 5’6" BTW.

tright here is a young male from china the nba pros are looking at. he is 7’8". i think that is a little bit tall.


Unless you play basketsphere.

Actually, there’s nobody in the NBA that is taller than 7’6. I believed the tallest was 7’2 - 7’4.


I can’t sheight for anyone else, however we don’t feel huge… Yes we could have to duck to enter a doormeans right here and also tbelow, yet we have actually lived with our body for our entire life (Isn’t that convient?) so we don’t “see” our self as astronomical. It’s kinda like it looses its effect after you view “you” day in and also day out.

Yeah, I’m 6’5", and also I don’t think I’m a ‘giant’. Incidentally, I do notice that certain other world are quite tall though. For instance, I went in to a store a couple of months earlier and also believed ‘Wow, that clerk is really tall’, yet once I passed by him I realized I was at leastern the same elevation, which was odd.

I’d say it’s because I’m so supplied to everyone else being at least 3" shorter, that those times I view someone approaching my height stand also out more. I wonder if it’s the exact same for exceptionally brief people…

Just to qualify for GQ-ness, here’s a list of prospective NBA players sorted by elevation. Looks prefer 7’5" is the optimal still.


I simply did some googleing… Goliath was almost everywhere from 9-10.5 feet tall. I think we have a methods to go still.

Extremely unconvinced. The tallest perchild backed up by actual medical documents was Robert Pershing Wadlow that was simply shy of 9 feet (8’ 11" and also a smidgen). The variety of people that have actually been accurately measured at 8 feet or taller is extremely little (we’re talking one or 2 dozen).

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My 1988 Guinness Book mentions the 9’ 6" height attributed to Goliath of Gath and says it “…suggests a confusion of units or some over-enthusiastic exaggeration by the Hebrew chroniclers.” They go on to mention that the chronicler Flavius Hosephus and the Septaugint put Goliath at “4 Greek cubits and a span (6’ 10”)" which is certainly pretty damn tall yet well within the realm of possibility. And someone 6’ 10" deserve to be athletic whereas civilization choose Wadlow frequently have trouble also standing up.