Definition noun, plural: ectoparasites (parasitology) A parawebsite that resides outside the body of the organize Supplement Parasitism is s create of symbiosis in which one organism (referred to as parasite) benefits at the cost of one more organism generally of various species (called host). This host-parasite association may eventuate to the injury of the hold. Parasites may be grouped into ectoparasites and also endoparasites. Parasites that live exterior the organize are referred to as ectoparasites whereas those that live inside the hold are dubbed endoparasites. In this regard, the existence of ectoparasites on the hold is called infeterminal fairly than infection. The hold infested with ectoparasites is not harmed as detrimentally as the other hosts infected via endoparasites. Nonetheless, some of these ectoparasites are vectors of pathogens. For circumstances, female Aedes mosquito is an ectoparawebsite of people and may transmit dengue virus as it feeds on its hold. In human beings, ectoparasites are made up of 2 major pet groups: parasitic arachnids and parasitic insects. Parasitic arachnids include ticks and mites. As for the ectoparasitic insects, they are exemplified by mosquitoes, tsetse flies, fleas, and also lice. In other animals, such as fish and also crocodilians, they may be ectoparasitized by leechs. Some of these leeches, e.g. Piscicola geometria – a fish leech species, might transmit spring viraemia carp virus to a carp host. Word origin: Latin parasitus from Greek parasitos (perboy that eats at the table of another). Compare:

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