An extract from an unwittingly amusing scene in The Sound of Music: “What is it you can’t challenge, Maria?” states Mvarious other Superior. To the ears of the filthy mind the expression becomes an ironically obscene insult – language surely never before offered by a nun.

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New Zealand also comedian, Alan Bstormy, of Spicks and also Specks fame did a sexed-up comedy performance based upon the film in 2011. You might wonder: just how did Bturbulent fix a problem like Maria? ""Maria solves her own problems by kicking arse,"" he describes. ""Like everyone in the story, she"s struggling via her inner demons."" <1>

Those who know me well are currently acquainted via my mild obsession via The Sound of Music, a hangover from my childhood. My first ever crush was Julie Andrews as Maria. So much so that as soon as I was 7 I had my hair cut prefer Maria’s. Strangely, I wanted to be her. Not so much currently. I believe this infatuation was a solution to the self-expression and self-reflection that Maria embodies. “I have actually confidence in sunshine, I have confidence in rain…I have actually confidence in me!” These days I reckon the possession of these things– self-reflection and expression– make the difference in between a painter and an hocolony painter.

When paint, I encourage myself to employ a high level of focus. Through exercise I have occurred disciplined glazing methods via the affect of early Venetian paint, as well as my engagement via printmaking. In particular, I pay unique attention to light and colour to develop luminosity. And in contrast to this I then search for thickness and also richness in the very same colour to create depth and a feeling of grounding. Form, line and edge have actually end up being my method of knowledge surconfront, area, and photographic illusion.

When I think around what these works are doing, it is Minimalism and its role and also resonance within contemporary paint that occupies my mind. Previously, Minimalism and also The Void were key to the accomplishment of transcendence within the act of looking. In the confront of consistent day-to-day interactivity via the electronic void of online room, my paintings are a sort of object-void, an different virtual space. I want the paints to ground the viewer, to slow-moving the down the means they consume imperiods one after the various other. I execute it myself: mindlessly scrolling via my phone, I periodically feel as though I’m motion-sick. Or picture sick. An addict.

But I sindicate remember my favourite points and also then I don’t feel so negative.

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The act of painting, and paint as a thing, is my major emphasis. The paints themselves have actually become subject, object and also design. For me, eexceptionally interactivity through paint calls for both a physical and also psychological response and involves hand, eye, gut and mind. Intuition plays a large component in constructing a painting. I observe and discover what this indicates, to trust the gut, and wonder wright here the spontaneous gesture originates from. When Maria deals with her fears, she convinces herself to show “courage to serve them with reliance, challenge my mistakes without defiance.”

I wonder. . . . what"s so fearsome around that?

<1> Lallo, Michael. “Down and Dirty with The Sound of Music” April 5 2011. The Sydney Morning March 3, 2017.