The Cybersecurity Cube (also referred to as the McCumber Cube) is a tool arisen by John McCumber, among the early cyberdefense specialists, in order to assist regulate the protection of networks, domain names, and also the Internet. The Cyberdefense Cube has three dimensions and also looks somewhat favor a Rubik’s Cube.

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The first dimension of the Cyberprotection Cube has the three principles of information defense. The second measurement identifies the three states of indevelopment or data. The third dimension of the cube identifies the specialization forced to administer defense. These are often referred to as the 3 categories of cyberdefense safeguards.

The figure below is a cube with three labeled sides to show the three foundational principles: Information States, Critical Indevelopment Characteristics, and Security Measures. Information says incorporate Transmission, storage, and processing. Critical Information Characteristics encompass confidentiality, integrity, and availcapability. Security Measures encompass technology, policies and also practice, and the education and learning, training, and awareness of human being.


The Principles of Security

The initially dimension of the cyberprotection cube identifies the purposes to defend cyberroom. The purposes identified in the first dimension are the foundational ethics. These 3 principles are confidentiality, integrity, and also availcapability, typically referred to as the CIA Triad.

Confidentiality prevents the disclocertain of indevelopment to unauthorized human being, resources, or procedures. Integrity refers to the accuracy, consistency, and also trustworthiness of data. Availcapacity ensures that information is accessible by authorized users when needed. These principles are supplied to carry out emphasis and also prioritize actions as soon as protecting networked units.

The States of Data

Cyberspace is a domajor containing a substantial amount of critically crucial data, which is why cyberdefense experts have to focus on protecting information. The second measurement of the Cyberprotection Cube focuses on the problem of protecting the information in cyberroom in each of its possible states:

File in transitDocuments at rest or in storageFile in process

The security of cyberarea needs cyberdefense experts to account for the safeguarding of data in all 3 says.

Cyberprotection Safeguards

The third measurement of the Cyberprotection Cube specifies the abilities and discipline a cybersecurity expert can contact upon to defend cyberarea. Cyberdefense experts use a range of various skills and disciplines when protecting the information in the cyberroom, being mindful to always reprimary on the ‘appropriate side’ of the law.

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The Cyberprotection Cube identifies the 3 forms of skills and disciplines offered to provide security. The initially skill consists of the modern technologies, gadgets, and also commodities accessible to protect information systems and also ffinish off cybercriminals. Cybersecurity professionals have a reputation for mastering the technological tools at their disposal. However before, McCumber reminds them that the technical tools are not sufficient to defeat cyber criminals. Cyberprotection experts must likewise construct a strong defense by developing plans, measures, and guidelines that allow the users of cyberspace to remain safe and follow good practices. Finally, individuals of cyberspace need to strive to become more knowledgeable about the dangers of the cyberroom and also establish a culture of learning and also awareness.

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