to direct (the eye, a glance, and so on.), particularly in a cursory manner: She actors her eyes dvery own the web page.

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to cause to loss upon somepoint or in a certain direction; sfinish forth: to cast a soft light; to actors a spell; to cast doubts.
Angling. to throw out (a fishing line, net, bait, etc.): The fisherguy actors his line. to fish in (a stream, a space, etc.): He has actually frequently actors this brook.
Theater. to pick actors for (a play, motion picture, or the like). to allot a duty to (an actor). to assign an actor to (a role).
to create (an object) by putting metal, plaster, and so on., in a fluid state into a mold and also letting it harden.
to develop (metal, plaster, and so on.) right into a certain shape by pouring it into a mold in a liquid state and also letting it harden.
Fox Hunting. (of a hunter) to lead or straight (hounds) over ground believed to have been recently traveled by a fox.
Zoology. somepoint that is shed, ejected, or actors off or out, as molted skin, a feather, food from a bird's chop, or the coil of sand also and waste passed by specific earthworms.
(of an animal, specifically a horse) lying in such a position that it is unable to return to its feet without assistance.
actors around, to look, as to find something; search; seek: We cast about for something to perform throughout the approaching summer vacation. to scheme; plan: He actors around just how he can avoid job-related.
actors ameans, Also actors aside. to reject; discard. to shipwreck. to throw away; squander: He will cast amethod this money simply as he has actually done in the previous.
cast off, to discard; reject. to let go or let loose, as a vessel from a mooring.Printing. to recognize the amount of kind or room that a offered amount of text will certainly occupy when set.Textiles. to make (the last stitches) in completing a knitted towel. to throw (a falcon) off from the fist to go after game.

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Caskid, cassone, cassoulet, cassowary, casspir, actors, casteady, cast around, cast adrift, Castagno, Castalia
casting, style, tone, troupe, list, form, sculpture, figure, drop, direct, count, choose, pick, toss, pitch, shooting, heave, estimate, lob, propulsion
to form (molten metal, glass, etc) by pouring or pushing it right into a mould to make (an object) by such a process
astrology to attract on (a horoscope) details concerning the positions of the planets in the signs of the zodiac at a particular time for interpretation in regards to humale qualities, behaviour,