All the trunks from that car tright here, twelve from below and the safe, to the parlor suite, rooms B-52, 54, 56.

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From the dictionary, I know that parlor suggests a room in a home which has actually comfortable chairs and also is provided for meeting guests, this also means parlor is component of a home. But of course, parlor suite is a whole suite, not a part of a room. What"s the meaning of it?



Here it is described:

Parlor - A room in a personal house/establishment wright here people deserve to sit and talk and relax.

Suite - A set of room (as in hotel).

Now once it concerns parlor suite, it could be taken as a comfortable and also relaxing establishment in a hotel (as we know Presidential Suite, Honeymoon Suite and also so on).

Parlor suite appears to be more spacious. as the majority of of the hotels highlight the "space" tright here.

Here is the example:




It"s feasible “parlor” is being supplied as an adjective to explain the suite, which has a parlor in it.

A equivalent but possibly more common example would be the term “sleeper cab”. “Cab” is brief for “cabin” and also describes the driver"s compartment, and a “sleeper” is a compartment attached to the driver"s compartment, designed for sleep. You"d describe the totality point as a “sleeper cab” even though the sleeper is a separate compartment.


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