Hoarders star Shanna is open about how she collects her waste into buckets – and also admits to eating her own poopies. This episode star reveals that she doesn’t have a problem with dirt. She says so as she sits atop a stack of newspapers.

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Hoarders: Shanna Confesses to Strange Collecting Habit

Family members of Shanna talk about how it’s shocking to walk into her house. That’s because her entire home is filled with “poop buckets” and various materials. Her brother-in-law even compares the inside of her home to a “horror show.” Then, he starts to talk about how the dilemma with Shanna’s waste removal method came to light.

It’s discovered that Shanna’s Hoarders problem is so bad, it’s now spreading out into her front yard. An angry neighbor turned her into the city, who is now fining her $250 a day until she cleans up the mess. Sadly, she hasn’t taken any initiative. And now she’s several thousand dollars in debt because of the fines. Also, the city says if she doesn’t clean up her residence, they’ll take her dwelling away from the Hoarders episode star.

Shanna’s brother talks on Hoarders about how he believes her hoarding obstacle got out of control when she moved in with her mother. It’s discovered that Shanna’s mother was also a hoarder, and they ended up living together for around 13 years. As Shanna talks about her mother’s passing, the A&E camera crew zooms in close to several large piles of cat vomit.

Since the mess has gotten so out of control, Shanna from Hoarders says her toilet’s broken. So, she does all her #1 and #2 business in jugs, water bottles, and containers. She says she transfers the slush into a smaller bottle. And by that time, it’s more like “dirty water.”


Hoarders: Shanna Breaks Down Bathroom Habits

First, she admits to her “collecting” habit on Hoarders. Then, Shanna shows the film crew her “poop bucket.” The inside of the Home Depot pot is black. That’s because there’s so much residue on it. So, after emptying her bowels, she reaches inside of the basin. Then, she lifts her mess into a smaller water bottle and works on filling up the empty bottle.

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She finishes her business. Then she puts the water jug into a pile in her front yard. Also, the Hoarders woman says she sometimes dumps the container out into her backyard. A specialist asks if she’s going to wash her hands. She says she’s not going to do it. Then, she starts to eat the soup she made for dinner. Yet, she blames the smell inside of the home on dust and mold.