A Valentine"s Day snub was the last straw in the rocky connection in between controversial national radio talkers "Don and Mike" and also WLVL-AM 1340 in Lockport.

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Penis Greene, general manager of the station, uncovered a method to shut up Don and Mike. He canceled them last week throughout a impressive on-air verbal sparring complement through the 2 gab masters.

It occurred in the time of "The Don and also Mike Show," an frequently off-shade regimen, broadcast weekday afternoons from 3 to 7 about the nation. They called Greene during their show, upset because WLVL pre-empted their Valentine"s Day regimen to carry out a live remote from a Lockport greeting card store and play love songs.

Don and also Mike likewise were ticked at Greene for newly pre-empting the last 30 minutes of the regime for a "Scholastic Bowl" occasion, featuring Lockport high institution students. Also, the station at some time cuts the display to broadcast high institution basketsphere playoff games.

Placed it all together and also you have a couple of big-ego radio characters taking out their frustration on a small-tvery own station.

On Valentine"s Day, Don and Mike had their very own live remote: from the inwell known "Mustang Ranch," a house of prostitution in Reno, Nev. Greene wanted that his Lockport listeners hear music from the local Hallmark save.

"It"s a tradition. We carry out that remote eincredibly Valentine"s Day," Greene shelp. "People desire to hear love songs."

One angry listener told Don and Mike, "I tuned in to hear your show from the Mustang Ranch and instead I heard "How Deep Is Your Love" by the Bee Gees."

Don and also Mike then referred to as Greene on the air to find out "what are they doing to our show in cockamamie Buffalo?" The show has actually been on in Lockport for around a year and also a fifty percent after it was dropped by WWKB-AM and also no other regional terminal picked it up.

Greene came on the line, explaining that the Valentine"s Day broadcast was "component of the commitment to our neighborhood."

That failed to meet Don and also Mike. "You p----- off our audience for that. You"re an idiot. A remote from a card shop? That"s the many embarrassing thing I ever heard in my life."

After more squabbling, Don and Mike told Greene: "If we"re such a hindrance, why don"t you reduced us loose?"

Greene admitted that Don and Mike have offered the terminal its greatest rating in the afternoon time slot. "We like having actually you guys on, however we"re not providing up our commitment to the community."

That collection Don and Mike off aget. "Kiss my a--, with that commitment to the area. You"re so full of crap."

Finally, Greene decided to kill the show. "We have the right to reduced it off," Greene shelp. "Please perform so," Don and Mike replied. "All right, significant man. We require a bigger station. You"re a small-time guy and also this is everywhere your head. . . . We"ll find a much better terminal."

Greene answered, "Do that." Then he offered Don and also Mike a 30-day cooling-off period prior to dropping the present. They refoffered.

Greene shelp he got complaints this week given that dropping the display, however the decision was also pincreased by various other listeners. "(Don and Mike) simply went over the line too many kind of times," he shelp.

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