15 Guys Discuss Female Names As it turns out, if your name sounds favor a specific component of a hamburger, they won"t desire to date you.

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It"s time to crawl deep right into the woods of the internet, wright here ugly trolls reside under bridges. What execute these trolls execute, you ask? They talk about which women"s names they uncover unattrenergetic, for entirely and also utterly basemuch less reasons. Part of you is thinking, "wow, this is really stupid", however an additional component of you is fearfully whispering "what if my name is among those names?" It"s a terrifying time for woguys - not because we"re mostly unsafe in culture for a multitude of depressing factors, however because men judge us by our first names. I know, I understand, as a fellow womale, I as well am petrified.

You can be wondering, what about a name renders a guy think I"m unattractive? As it turns out, if your name sounds choose a particular component of a hamburger, they will not desire to date you. If your name resembles the pronunciation of "stuffy nose", that"s additionally a large turn-off, reportedly. Not just that, yet tbelow is a name on this list the reminds males of... overcooked eggplants. Seeing inside the minds of guys was a frightening ordeal, and I"m below to share via you exactly how incredibly stupid they are. Is your name the factor why guys do not discover you attractive? Here are 15 female names males are least attracted to, according to Reddit.


15 "I Went To School With At Least A Dozen Tayla"s..."

"Now I simply hate the name, it"s gross."

I guess it"s possible for there to be also a lot of an excellent thing. If you"re thinking, "I"ve literally never heard that name", it can be bereason you"re not from Australia, where the name is the majority of renowned. It"s a petty factor for finding a woman unattrenergetic, yet some guys have weird tastes. Whatever before, he"s most likely not worth going out with. While Reddit has actually nothing great to say about Tayla"s, what is Urban Thesaurus thinking? Tayla "Is perfect although she doesn"t view it. Tayla is self-mindful however shouldn"t be bereason she"s beautiful. Tayla is an very loyal frifinish and will always be tright here for you, just make certain you"re tright here for her too." Yeah, take THAT, rude Reddit boy.

"I hate this brand-new fad going about here in the Alabama and also Georgia area wright here they come up with these "various southerly Belle" type names for girls. For example, Kinsleigh, Ansleigh, Pazleigh, Tresleigh."

Don"t judge a book by its name, Reddit boy. Talk about petty preferences, am I right? While it"s arbitrary to uncover a girl unattractive and also select not to date her based on the last few letters of her name, some of his examples are definitely a small odd. Maybe we need to be calling attention to the mother? I intend, Pazleigh? You"re asking for your daughter to be bullied in school via such a bizarre name. Sometimes, parental fees take it also far. It can be a little easier to agree with this guy, but it"s questionable if civilization called Tresleigh actually exist.


13 "Top Hated Name? Crystal."

"My best friend is named Crystal. I wouldn"t day her. My second a lot of hated name is Chad, which happens to be her brother"s name. I laugh really difficult at this."

Have you told your alleged ideal frifinish that you hate her name and also wouldn"t date her based upon it? Tbelow are most likely other factors Crystal is stuck in the friendship zone various other than her name. Can you think of a name that would make you refusage to day someone? Crystal is one of the a lot of famous girls" names in The United States and Canada, so this Reddit user simply regulated to offfinish a lot of world. While many kind of paleas name their daughter"s this because of exactly how beautiful crystals have the right to be, not everyone thinks its so precious. Let"s hope this guy stays clear of all Chad"s and Crystal"s.


12 "Gretchen: Your Name Makes Me Think About Trolls And Overcooked Eggplant."

"It sounds like throwing up a little little in my mouth. I"m sorry, you"re probably exceptionally nice. Plus, they always have big hair that"s full of keys."

This is WILD from begin to finish. Trolls and also overcooked eggplants? This Reddit boy either has actually a wild imagination or knows someone really starray called Gretchen. It honestly sounds prefer he"s describing a witch. It"s unfortunate he"s whitewashing all women called Gretchen ssuggest bereason this male had one bad suffer with a big-haired eggplant troll named Gretchen. The reality that he has actually the audacity to apologize bereason you"re "most likely exceptionally nice", simply goes to display just how ridiculous men have the right to be with their choices. I am sorry to all the Gretchen"s out there; this boy is a jerk.


11 "Nevaeh. Period."

"Knew somebody who named their kid this, but spelled it Neveah. Couldn"t even number out how to spell heaven backwards."

"The name is trashy."

While it sounds pretty, you"re setting your boy up for trouble through this name. The resounding Reddit opinion was that it sounded pretentious. It"s beautiful and also original spelling heaven backwards to create a unique name, however it"s acquired quick popularity over the last couple years, and also reportedly, some males aren"t a fan of it. On the bideal side, if you"re feeling glum because your name is Nevaeh (even though it"s gorgeous), you can turn it into a rendition of a renowned Rick Astley song. "Nevaeh gonna provide you up, Nevaeh gonna let you dvery own, Nevaeh gonna run about and also desert you." No?

10 "Skyler. It"s Somejust how Both Pretentious And Trashy At The Same Time."

"I think Breaking Bad ruined that name for me. I wouldn"t date that Skyler."

Okay, host up. If you don"t sympathize with Skyler from that present, you are COLD. But I digress. If you decide you uncover women unattrenergetic based on their names in relation to personalities on a television display, you"re going to have a turbulent time. In 2017 alone, it was in the peak 400 many well-known baby names for girls. That is a lot of beautiful woguys you"re dissing because of a television show. Could this be the pettiest reason to discover a woman unattractive? If you"re picking your girlfriend based upon her name, a Skyler probably wouldn"t want to date you anymeans. There are some severe trolls crawling out of this side of Reddit. BOY, BYE.


9 "Paisley. It"s A Pattern On Fabric, Not A Name."

"It"s additionally a town in Scotland."

Paisley has been growing in popularity over the years - other than her name, is tright here somepoint about a Paisley that makes her not worth dating? Let"s consult Urban Thesaurus. Well, be ready to be enlightened, bereason Urban Thesaurus defines it as "the prehistoric term for the communal lavatory located at the edge of a prehistorical Pictish negotiation." Um, did I read that right? Communal lavatory. Paisley implies public bathroom? Let"s be honest, that is a little of a turn-off. We need to retake into consideration naming our daughters this - not because a stupid boy thinks you can"t name someone after a fabric, but bereason we don"t desire to start naming our girls after toilets. Sorry, Paisley... Maybe your parental fees should have actually researched your name a little more.

8 "I"ve Almethods Hated Nancy."

"Eincredibly Nancy has been just one of the nicest civilization. The name simply provides me go limp. What kind of parent looks at their bundle of joy and also thinks "I"m gonna name her Nancy"."

Can someone get a Nancy on the line to confirm this? Are you born a 64-year-old woman? Honestly, these days, no one normally likes the name Nancy. A parent does not name their daughter this unmuch less they really disfavor her, so we have the right to understand also why guys feel the exact same means. It"s outdated. As it transforms out, a real-life Nancy responded to this Reddit conversation and also shown all the fabled notions of women named Nancy. She sassist, "Nancy below. I"m 25 and spend the majority of of my time quilting, reading, and also being referred to as an 80-year-old woguy inhabiting a 20-year-old"s body." Well, we have proof!


7 "Crystal. It Just Screams Trailer Park. For That Matter, So Do Felicia, Destiny, And Faith."

"My teacher tells the story of how he as soon as had a girl called "Crystal Neth". One day he accidentally let slip out. They all laughed around it after they encountered the upset father of course."

Oh, some even more Crystal haters, hm? And on optimal of that, they had actually to rain down a small more and also throw all the Destiny"s, Faith"s, and Felicia"s into this mess. To a specific extent, it"s understandable; if you"re naming your daughter Felicia nowadays, you"re asking for trouble. Bye. Would names favor this make you rethink about dating someone? It"s stunning that a name can readjust the method you view someone, and also make them much less attrenergetic. Do these scream trailer trash to you?

6 "Nikki. A Nikki Will Fake A Pregnancy."

"I hate the name Nikki. A girl I checked out school with faked a pregnancy for salso months, even gained the adoptive parents" hopes up. They had the nursery all set to go, it was horrible."

"That"s absolutely awful. What sort of sick perchild would certainly execute that?"


Should all Nikki"s be labeled as unattractive bereason of this one Nikki"s negative behavior? Maybe. It"s definitely a means to view someone as much less attractive. A name deserve to be the first impression before you also fulfill the perkid. While I can guarantee not eincredibly Nikki ever would perform such a disgusting thing, if you kbrand-new a girl named Nikki that did this, you"d more than likely hate Nikki"s for the remainder of your life as well. It might overshadow anyone, regardless of how beautiful they are. Apparently, guys hate this name.


5 "Emilee, Kaylee, Maylee, Baylee."

"You sound unattractive with these names no issue what. I teach swim lessons in a working-course community and every family has at least one girl via a name like these. Emily is fine I guess, but it"s the "lee" that kills me. Why? You are leading to spelling problems for your boy for the remainder of their life."

Is it simply this one Reddit boy with this ghastly opinion, or carry out other men share it? Those are WILDLY well-known names you"re dissing tbelow, sir. Someone through opinions these solid is more than likely called Larry. Would you day a Larry? Hell no, because he states stupid stuff choose this. If men are going to judge woguys based on a decision that is out of their manage, TWO can play this game. You"re stupid, Larry.

4 "Tiffany. It"s My Parental fees Dog"s Name."

"I hate that dog. I also hate the name Brittany type of."

LET"S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT. If you hate a dog, any dog, there is no girl in the world that will look your method. That is the number one method to be unattrenergetic to a woman! Hating pets is a major no, so this boy"s opinion is super irpertinent. Let"s all hope that Tiffany type of gnaws off his foot. Everyone is entitresulted in their opinion, yet honestly, no one desires to hear this guy talk. And of course, while he"s hating on Tiffany kind of, he hregarding throw the trillions of civilization called Brittany type of right into this mess also. It"s time to go cuddle your puppies and kittens and also tell them about all the rude boys in the human being prefer this one.


3 "Girls Named Hunter."

"I understand one. She"s the redneck whiskey tango everyone expects."

I am confident in assuming that it takes a redneck whiscrucial tango to understand a redneck whiscrucial tango. Literally, what the heck is that? This dude requirements to chill. Don"t be so stuck up, have actually you not heard naming girls traditionally masculine names is all the rage? Let"s simply take a peek at the incredibly effective and also beautiful BLAKE Lively, with her adorable and charming daughter JAMES. I hope her and Ryan name their following baby girl Hunter, just to spite this stupid Reddit boy. Let us combat this madness by founding a gender battle. I hereby proclaim, on the befifty percent of all women, that we hate boys called Hunter. It"s your move, Reddit boys.

2 "Patti. Congratulations, You Sound Like A Hamburger."

I must apologize to all the Patti"s that could be analysis this bereason this is hilarious. Sure, this man is dissing your name, however he has actually the audacity to congratulate you for sounding prefer food. Are we certain this isn"t a compliment? Tbelow is nothing even more loved on this earth than food and also a great ol" hamburger at that. This has actually influenced me to name one of my future kids Patti, and I owe it all to this Reddit boy.

He"s definitely being oddly certain about the spelling. He mentions Patti, but what around Patty? Why is Patty acceptable, yet Patti is the tantamount of a cold shower with your grandma? Tright here are also many kind of concerns to ask, but the bottom line is, guys find Patti unattractive. It"s okay Patti - I"d love you.

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1 "Stephanie Sounds Like "Stuffy Nose", Bleh"

"I wouldn"t day one."

It boggles my mind that males feel comfortable making these confident declarations based completely on a name about womales they"ve never watched or met before. It simply goes to show just how ridiculous they are. It"s a shame we have to deal with their flawed logic. You"re most likely gradually pronouncing "Stephanie" out loud appropriate now, trying to figure out if it actually does sound favor a stuffy nose. Wouldn"t it be hilarious if somewright here out tright here, a Stephanie with a cold and also a stuffy nose exists? I think it"s time to speak providing these Reddit trolls the attention they crave by shaming everyone through renowned names for foolish factors. They"re not worth my time, and they"re absolutely not worth yours. Now, quit trying to pronounce Stephanie.