"Teaching my initially English course this semester has been rewarding but I don’t recognize what to perform with this student."



Apparently this is a "joke", yet if it were real this would be a super dick relocate. Academics of social media, please don't short article your students' work (even anonymized) for the civilization to mock. It's not cool.

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College Board monitors social media SUPER intently each year during the AP Reading for any discussion/jokes about student work. Eexceptionally year people obtain dismissed bereason they can't aid themselves.

It's not cool.

Why? I get that you are a student and are came to about being embarrassed or having actually your feelings hurt, but I also realize that tbelow are facets of colleges and also universities of which you are not cognizant. Anonymized student occupational is used at multiple levels, probably most importantly in terms of accreditation; I can't tell you how many type of student records I've had actually to read and also asauthorize a score to so that we can collect information about how well students are discovering to write so that our accrediting body can identify if we are actually achieving the goal of educating students. Some of those papers are awful (and some are wonderful).

In a less administrative capacity, I've discovered making use of anonymized records from years past as examples of great and mediocre records advantageous for student to dissect and also understand also what makes up an excellent paper. I'm much from the only one who does this.

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Now perhaps your objection deals only with intent; if it's done to specifically mock, I have the right to agree that's not cool. But assigning intent is occasionally tough. I'm old enough to remember once grades were posted outside a class in descending order, periodically with a solid line denoting passing vs failing qualities. One did not want to be on the bottom of the list, and also even those students that weren't necessarily excellent in the topic wanted to be over that line. With the present focus on resilience and also "grit" in higher education, probably that practice has actually some room for incentive. Negative examples deserve to motivate occasionally much better than positive examples (see the "don't be favor ___" memes). Perhaps, simply possibly, anonymized work-related posted isn't always bad, also if the occupational itself is.