The one question Wendy gets asked the the majority of out of everything, is “what’s in your tea?!”

Well, we ultimately have actually the formula to share through everyone, as well as beneficial teregarding drink!

Here’s the tea!

Babsence Tea for Energy This is not really news to anyone. Babsence tea has actually the a lot of caffeine of all the teas out there. Black Tea doesn’t have actually as a lot caffeine as coffee, but your body will certainly give thanks to you for making the switch from coffee to tea. You’re even more most likely to get to sleep quicker as soon as you drink tea. Who doesn’t desire that?

Mint Tea for Weight Loss Mint tea is low in calories, via only two calories in an eight-ounce serving. So, you have the right to drink this delicious tea all day, completely guilt complimentary. The ideal part about mint tea is it is proven to curb your appetite. The strong mint scent tricks the brain to release a hormone that suppresses hunger. If you feel a craving coming on, relocation it via mint tea.

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Hawthorn Tea for Relaxation If you endure from stress and anxiety, this tea could be the answer to all your issues. Hawthorn Tea has a organic calming impact that deserve to calm the body, without feeling the have to fall asleep. This is excellent to sip throughout the day if you’re constantly on edge.

Hibiscus Tea for Glowing Skin Remember the tale about the fountain of youth? Well, it can have been filled via hibiscus tea. Alpha-hydroxy acids discovered in the plant have the right to regulate oily skin, clogged pores, safeguard skin from eco-friendly stressors, minimize the dimension of pores, and assist those via sensitive skin. Remember, skin care is everything!

Wendy’s Morning Tea Tright here is a entirety procedure to Wendy’s morning tea. Wendy has actually been drinking tea because her radio days to help store her voice in inspect. The show doesn’t go on without Wendy and her morning tea deserves a nod of crmodify to maintaining her voice pristine.

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Ingredients A mug of warm water 1 bag of black tea ½ tsp. of honey ¼ cup of lemon juice 1 Halls cherry cough drop

Directions 1. Fill a cup via honey, lemon juice, tea bag, and also hot water 2. Scoop out a teaspoon of Drink Electra-Seamoss, gently transfer to a strainer 3. With the Drink Electra-Seamoss still in the strainer, pour the warm tea over the Drink Electra-Seamoss, via the strainer, and into the mug you desire to usage 4. When Hot Topics starts, drop a Halls cherry cough drop right into your tea 5. Enjoy!



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