People and points stated in this song: Mott the Hoople, Life, Monopoly, Twister, Risk, checkers, chess, twenty-one, wrestler Fred Blassie, Elvis Presley, Moses, Sir Isaac Newton, and also Charles Darwin.

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Kaufmale was recognized for his Elvis-impersonations, which he as soon as perdeveloped on Saturday Night Live. Stipe tries one of his own on the line, "Hey, baby are we losing touch?"
This was used as the title for a 1999 movie around Andy Kaufman, starring Jim Carrey. R.E.M. did the soundtrack, which consisted of this song.
In the liner notes for Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982-2011, Peter Buck recalled exactly how the music for this song came together: ""Man on the Moon" was something that Bill had this one chord change that he came in via, which was C to D favor the verse of the song, and also he shelp, "I don"t recognize what to perform with that." I provided to end up some of Bill"s things ... he would certainly come up with the riffs, yet I would certainly be the finish guy for that. I sat dvery own and came up through the chorus, the bridges, and also so forth. I remember we proved it to Mike and Michael as soon as they came in later; definitely we had actually the song finished. I think Bill played bass and also I played guitar; we retained going about through it. I think we can have played some mandolin on it in the rehearsal studio."The lyric, though, was an additional issue. Stipe struggled to discover the appropriate words and was against the clock bereason the album was due quickly. Instead of working via it in the studio, the band took a couple of days off, in the time of which Stipe listened to the track on a cassette in his rental automobile till he discovered inspiration. "When we reconvened, Michael walked into the studio, sang, "Man On The Moon" when, and also walked out," Peter Buck shelp in the In Time compilation. "We were all stunned. It was among those magic moments I"ll remember long after the award ceremonies and the photo sessions have actually disappeared right into the mists of time."
R.E.M. performed this via Eddie Vedder once they were inducted into the Rock and also Roll Hall of Fame in 2007.
After R.E.M. called it quits in 2011, Michael Stipe shelp that this would be the song he would the majority of miss out on perdeveloping, particularly "watching the result of that opening bass line on a sea of human being at the finish of a present," he told Rolling Stone. "That is a simple song to sing. It"s tough to sing a poor note in it," he included.

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Peter Care directed the music video on location close to the Antelope Valley location of California. Stipe, wearing a cowboy hat, hitches a ride via Bill Berry to a truck sheight. Once tright here, they accomplish Care tending bar while Mike Mills plays pool, and the cast of customers joins in singing the song"s chorus. The late Andy Kaufguy even renders an appearance on the truck stop"s tv collection as the video ends.