See Eye to Eye Meaning

Definition: To agree through someone; to share the same opinion as someone.

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Origin of See Eye to Eye

The allusion of seeing points the very same first developed in the Bible, specifically in the book of Isaiah.

The King James variation reads,

Thy watchmales shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall check out eye to eye, as soon as the LORD shall carry aobtain Zion. –Isaiah 52:8

Over 2 thousand years later, the phrase eyeball-to-eyeround was coined, which intended face-to-face. This originated in the Oriental War, wright here it expected face-to-confront through the enemy.,

Examples of See Eye to Eye

Here is an instance that requires two college students stating the best method to throw a party.

Robin: I think we need to buy a keg and sneak it onto campus and into our dorm.

Harry: That’s against the rules! Alcohol isn’t enabled on this campus. And it specifically isn’t allowed for us, given that we’re not of legal drinking age yet.

Robin: I know that, but we won’t obtain captured.

Harry: There’s no method to understand that for sure.

Robin: Fine, we might obtain caught, yet it would be worth it for the epic party!

Harry: That’s where you and also I don’t check out eye to eye. In my opinion, it is not worth throwing amethod all my difficult work this semester just for a stupid party.

In this dialogue, 2 coworkers are mentioning how to existing their job.

Mal: I think that you are the much better public speaker. If you’re comfortable via it, you can execute a lot of or every one of the actual presenting. I have actually the majority of experience making PowerPoint presentations, so I can perform the majority of of the work tright here. Does that seem fair to you?

Xiomara: Yes, entirely fair! I’m glad we watch eye to eye on this issue.

More Examples

This excerpt is about sharing through next-door neighbors throughout Ramadan.

This excerpt is around football players that are working to express their views together.

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The phrase check out eye to eye originally meant to view face-to-face yet currently suggests to share a common viewpoint.


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