The sensor manage panel is one of the weakest points of microwave ovens. At one point devices failures happen. regime selection sensor butloads stop responding to pressing or respond half the time. If one or numerous butlots of the Samsung microwave sticks much longer than for 60 s the device will inform you with SE error code on the display.

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What to do if the butlots of Samsung smh8165st microwave have actually stuck?

Note! Many customers confusage the initially code letter “S” with the number “5”. 5E and SE error codes are the same.

If this error code showed up on the microwave screen, it is strongly prohibited to leave the microwave powered and unattfinished. The system can end up being self-caused as soon as there is nobody at house and this may cause a fire. If you cannot power it off, constantly leave the microwave door open up. The SE error code of the Samsung microwave cannot be reset by powering off for a while. It will appear again and also aget and also the difficulty via the regulate panel membrane will not be fixed.

5e error and also sensor panel fix

You can discover many kind of fixes for the microwave sensor panel buttons over the Internet. I will tell you around one of them. But before you begin repairing such devices as a microwave yourself please note that it is under deadly high voltperiods (approximately 5000 V even when it is off)(microwave ovens have components which absorb accumulate electricity).

Samsung microwave keypad is composed of 2 movies with lines and lands. The faientice frequently occurs as a result of buttons sunken after pushing the membrane sensor which contacts the various other membrane even after the slightest vibration.

Before repairing the sensor panel you should unstick it from the microwave. After this divide it into layers. Inspect the movies to make sure that their lines are in excellent problem. If one of them is damaged, this can be the problem. If all lines are integral, then call closure is the difficulty. Perdevelop all the complying with actions as closely as possible for avoiding better damage to your microwave.

Stick some Scotch tape or electric tape on the inner side of the membrane along the buttons’ contour (but make sure that such tape is not conductive) for boosting the location in between the film and membrane and staying clear of unauthorized switch sticking.After this sign up with the 2 plates and connect them to the bus.Stick the sensor ago.Assemble the microwave in reverse order.Check the button performance.

If all buttons are working as soon as pressed only (not spontaneously) and also SE error code does not show up on the Samsung microwave display anyeven more, the sensor recoincredibly operation has actually been completed successfully and also the microwave deserve to be used further.

This means does not guarantee a lengthy business life of the sensor control panel as the film will certainly be pressed additionally. This will cause its faientice and SE error code will certainly appear aget.

In a actual feeling, it deserve to be sassist that such manipulations enable resolving the difficulty for some time (for a week or half a year). If the microwave butlots are extremely worn-out, it is recommfinished to rearea the sensor.

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For buying a brand-new sensor keypad discover out the variety of your microwave. It is published on the equipment tally. The sticker have the right to be inside the microwave or on the backside. Be certain not to confuse the version and code of the Samsung microwave.