Hi all! I was ckecking via Expedia for availability and also prices in a rekind and the initially price that came was for a "run of the home room", followed by a cottage seacheck out room rate.What is a "run of the house" room? All rooms in that retype are cottages ,I think, so I don't understand also what run of the home means.Can someone please explain?Many kind of many thanks in advancement.Teresa

Jun 19th, 2006, 09:54 AM

Jun 1nine, 2006, 09:55 AM

In this instance it's not room just bereason it claims it contains full breakfast!Francophile, however does that guarantee the room availability? Since I need to prepay the room .Thanks
Someone else might be able to confirm or correct me, however I believe that as soon as you pay for the room you're guaranteed a room. It's just that if you select 'ROH' then you get whatever room is accessible as soon as you inspect into the hotel at that time.

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I wouldn't favor this personally, as we favor a twin room...so 'run of the house' could suppose we are given a double bed and also no other alternative.I don't treatment a lot for pre-paying either,unless the cancellation is exceptionally liberal.
I don't think anything in this people will certainly "guarantee" that a room will be accessible upon check-in, prephelp or not. Much choose airline seats, you pay yet it does not guarantee a seat
Tbelow are no guaranteed room kinds in 99% of hotels. You "request" and also you regularly get, however you might not. This goes for non-smoking cigarettes rooms, king bed/twin beds/queen beds. Nopoint is 100% guaranteed.Run of the Housage means whatever before is accessible at check in. Normally it is NOT going to be an upgraded room, a suite or a view room, civilization pay premiums for those things and also a ROH room will certainly be a lesser price, perhaps reduced floor, view of parking lot, and so on It is the "average" room in the hotel and also most most likely it will certainly be in a "lowest price category.

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Regarding the airline seats I will certainly uncover out if I have a seat for an upcoming trip once I reach the airport as I wasn't assigned one online and they say they can't asauthorize prior to the day of the flight. The hotels and airlines have to not be permitted to overmarket.
Hmm, I think I will certainly go for the "cottage seacheck out room ", 40 USD even more per day. At leastern I know what I am entitled to!!! I don't prefer not to know what I am paying for and what I am acquiring.Thank you so a lot to all for your beneficial replies

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