Robbing the Cradle Meaning

Definition: To marry or day someone that is much younger than oneself.

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Origin of Robbing the Cradle

Rob implies to steal and also cradle is a bed for a baby. As such, someone who robs a cradle, in a literal feeling, is stealing a young baby from its cradle, amethod from its mommy and dad.

The figurative sense uses this imagery to suggest that an older person dating a much younger perkid is additionally stealing a kid away from his or her parental fees. This expression originated in the first fifty percent of the 1900s.

A lesser-provided interpretation requires any kind of type of exploitation of the very young. An example of this can be the recruitment of young adolescents to fight in the civil battle.

Instances of Robbing the Cradle

Here is an instance in which two roommates are analysis blogs about celebrities.

Mario: I can’t believe that my favorite actor is dating someone so much younger than himself.

Axel: Why? How old is he and also just how old is she?

Mario: He’s 62, and she’s just 18.

Axel: I believed it was prevalent for guys to prefer younger womales.

Mario: Perhaps so, but he never appeared favor the kind to rob the cradle.

In this example, two college students are stating the divorce of among their paleas.

Roger: My parents’ divorce keeps acquiring messier and messier. At least I’ve currently relocated out and don’t have to address the difficulty eexceptionally day.

Noel: What’s going on now?

Roger: Due to the fact that my parental fees are legally separated, my mommy decided to begin dating aget. And I really have actually no problem with that at all. However before, she determined she had to rob the cradle and day someone my age!

Noel: I have the right to view exactly how that can be awkward.

Roger: I just wish she would find someanother mature to day.

More Examples

This excerpt is from an short article around a Lifetime movie and the actress in it.

The second example is around a politician visiting a family via a sick baby.


The idiom rob the cradle suggests to be romantically connected through someone that has a much reduced age than oneself.

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This expression have the right to also describe various other types exploitation of a lot younger human being, although this second meaning is much less common.


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