Daily I am reminded that I’m not obtaining any younger. And no, it isn’t necessarily a realization that occurs to me upon that initially look in the mirror. OK, well… occasionally it IS… however the majority of of the time I am reminded in other methods. The news anchor and her so-chipper-I-want-to-smack-that-smile-right-off-her-confront weather girl equivalent are BOTH obviously younger than I am. I have actually colleagues who were in diapers once I remained in acid-washed denim. And physicians look more favor "Doogie Howser" to me than they do "Housage."

Us “Boomer Babies” are obtaining older and also not unlike our paleas, we seem to be doing things in different ways. We’re waiting much longer to get married. We aren’t getting married. We’re waiting longer to have babies. We aren’t having actually babies. We’re changing our careers at an early stage and we’re transforming them often. We’re inching ever before closer to 40 not having actually checked many kind of traditional things off our lists.

And it’s really OK. It may feel at times—once we look around—favor we’re in the middle of a thirty-somepoint crisis. But we’re actually just respecifying the norms. We’re saying that if we don’t like where we are at 25 or 30 or 35, it isn’t also late to readjust it up. Unlike our elders, we don’t feel rather so “locked” into our resides. We have more choices this particular day than any kind of generation that has come prior to and occasionally that can be a little intimidating. I recognize. I’ve been tright here. I AM tright here. And this blog is the story of my non-cookie-cutter life recounted in what I hope to be entertaining or thought-provoking installments.

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Thanks for avoiding by. And if you can relate or you’re in the midst of your exceptionally very own thrisis … please come ago. I would certainly love to hear from you.

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Recently I have end up being mindful of a brand-new phrase that has actually crept right into our famous culture and also me—being the words-perkid that I am—am intrigued by it. The phrase I am referring to is: “Let’s put a pin in it!” Basically defined it means: Let’s setup on doing at SOME allude in time… simply not THIS specific point in time.

I have not personally used the phrase yet have oboffered it being used on at leastern 3 various TV shows this seaboy. I’m not sure where it began or how long it has actually been around… yet I cannot assist however wonder with every one of the interemainder circling a tiny point called Pinteremainder these days… Is tbelow a connection?

I was presented to Pinterest by a blog referred to as Becoming Cliche. She was start to research the social networking and idea-sharing website and discussing Pinterest’s false exclusivity and how she wanted so badly to be a member, that is, until they welcomed her as a member. You watch, everyone ultimately gets to be a member, whether you are invited to join by an additional member or you shamelessly solicit membership directly FROM the website itself.

Anymethod, I regulated to stay amethod from this addicting site, that is, till a frifinish invited me to join since I would certainly be doing some redecorating in the near future. It was then that I realized how many type of of my friends were already on it and exactly how active they all were in generating these virtual bulletin boards bursting through fun, fresh ideas from fashion, decorating and also style to publications, movies and standard car repair.

The trouble is, I’ve been too busy with my move to actually acquire into creating my OWN board and also it is making me feel favor a super, cyber slacker. Everyday I view my inbox grow via messeras that another frifinish and another friend and an additional friend are now following me on Pinterest. Maybe no one actually cares. Maybe no one actually LOOKS at my blank corkboard made of pixels. But the perfectionist and also “joiner” in me causes me to imagine the deep disappointment of my friends once they visit me and find… Nopoint. Nada. Zip. Zero. And zilch.

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So for now… with regard to my activity on Pinterest, or lack thereof… I guess I’d just choose to say to my fellow friends and also Pinsters out there… Let’s simply put a pin in it. At least till I actually take the moment to figure out just how the hell to usage it.